DIY Dining Chair Bench

A great way to give new life to cast-off dining room chairs. Here's a super simple way to transform three mismatched chairs into an amazing bench.



Spray paint
Screw Gun
Upholstery Foam


  1. Find three dining chairs. Line them up. They should be able to evenly sit side by side by side. What makes this project really simple is that, only one of the chairs is being altered, the two on the end will remain exactly as they are.
  2. Forcefully, but with care, remove the back and rear legs of the chair in one piece. Keep the front 'skirt' of the chair, and discard all other pieces of the chair.
  3. Attach the two untouched side chairs to the back piece of the altered middle chair using a few wood screws. Be sure to pre-drill so you don't crack the wood.
  4. Fit the skirt where it would normally sit. It will likely need to be shortened slightly. Attach using wood glue and a small finishing nail.
  5. Measure your new bench seat and cut (or have cut) a piece of plywood that you will upholster.
  6. In a well ventilated space spray the entire frame in a glossy black.

You are now ready to upholster.

Upholstery 101

  1. Cut plywood to size.
  2. Place the fabric face down on the table.
  3. Layer your batting down on top of your fabric.
  4. Cut foam to the exact size of your plywood.
  5. Layer your foam on top of your batting.
  6. Place your plywood on top of foam.
  7. Starting in the centre of one side pull the batting around the sharp edge of your plywood and keep it in place with a few staples. Put at least one staple per side to keep everything from slipping around.
  8. Start with one staple in your fabric. Pull the opposite side tight and put in another staple.
  9. To complete the whole process, you need to staple from the centre towards the sides, pulling your fabric tight as you go.
    *Leave at least 1" - 2" of excess so you have enough fabric to pull tight.
  10. Cut off any excess fabric at the corner, but be sure to leave enough to finish the job. If you have trouble determining how much to cut off, start with a small amount and if the fabric is still too bulky to make a nice, neat corner, cut off more.
  11. At each corner fold and tuck the fabric as if you were making a bed or wrapping a present. Staple the fabric on the bottom of the plywood and remove any additional excess fabric.