Cowboy Style Fish and Chips

Cowboy Style Fish and Chips


Private chef Matt Binkley teaches us how to make a celebrity-worthy meal that's great for the waistline. High in protein and low in carbs, his cowboy style fish and chips taste great along with homemade avocado oil tartar sauce.


Cowboy Style Salmon

Serves 1; multiply by number of guests.

1- 6 oz salmon fillet (I prefer Red spring Wild Salmon if possible)
3 slices of lemon
2 large sprigs fresh dill
1 tbsp olive oil
sea salt
fresh ground black pepper

Heat oven to 450 F.

Prepare parchment by folding large piece in half and cut a heart shape. Lightly coat with olive oil on both sides, smearing with hands.

Position salmon on half of paper. Sprinkle with salt and fresh pepper. Drizzle olive oil. Place lemon slices on salmon, then dill on salmon and layer potato slices on top. Seal parchment envelope by folding over folds.

This package can be reserved in the fridge until needed (up to 1 day ahead). When ready to cook, place bundle on a baking sheet and cook for 12 minutes. Let it rest for 3 minutes to let cook in paper, using scissors cut open and serve.

Serve with tartar sauce and unfried fries!

Avocado Oil Tartar Sauce

1 cup homemade Avocado mayonnaise (see recipe below)
1/4 cup finely chopped dill pickle
3 tablespoons chopped green onion
1 tablespoon drained capers
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

Whisk all ingredients in medium bowl to blend. Season with salt and pepper. Cover; chill at least 1 hour and up to 2 days.

Unfried Sweet Potato French Fries

5 sweet potatoes (about 2 3/4 pounds)
grapeseed oil
2 large Egg whites
1 tablespoon Cajun spice

Preheat oven to 400 Degrees.

Slice each potato lengthwise into 1/4 inch ovals then slice each oval lengthwise into matchsticks.

Coat baking sheet with oil.

Combine egg, and seasonings in a bowl add matchsticks to egg mixture to coat.

Pour the potatoes onto baking sheet and spread into a single layer.

Place the baking sheet on lowest level in oven and bake for 40-45 minutes or until fries are crispy turning every 6 to 8 minutes.

Avocado Oil Mayo

1 whole egg, at room temperature
1 egg yolk, at room temperature
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 1/2 Tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 - 1 cup Avocado Oil, XVOO, Coconut Oil, or a combination
generous pinch of salt

This recipe is easiest when using a blender or an immersion blender and the cup that comes with it. To make the mayo this way, put all ingredients in the blender cup and mix for about 30 seconds until the mayonnaise is fluffy. There is no need to dribble the oil in drop by drop when using this method.