Core Strength Workout

Warm up

Start with some light bouncing with feet firmly planted on the ground and shift hips side to side to engage the core even more.

Seated crunch



With feet firmly planted and belly button tight into the spine, place your finger tips at your temples and keep your elbows wide. With control, lower your upper body back toward the ball while maintaining a tight core. Press abs into the spine and recover to start position, always working in an area of tension.

Standing lunges



Begin standing with one shin on the ball and the other foot firmly planted on the ground, standing tall with hands on your waist. Carefully roll the ball behind you as you bend the standing knee into a lunge. Press your heel into the ground on the standing foot to straighten the leg and bring ball back into the start position.

Table top hip drop

124Table top hip drop1.jpg

124_Table top hip drop2.jpg

Laying on your ball as if it were a bench facing the ceiling, drop your hips down toward the floor without moving the ball and recover.

Push up



Roll out to a plank position with your hands on the floor and your shins on the ball. Slowly lower your chest toward the ground and engage the chest muscles to recover.

Tricep dips



In a seated position, place your hands on the ball, fingertips forward. Then lower body down and up keeping the elbows facing toward each other behind you.

Hamstring curls



Begin by laying on your back with calves on the ball. Lift the hips up and draw the heels into your glutes.