Chris’ Angels: More Beauty Boosters


Chris' Angels are back putting the latest beauty boosters to the test. In fact, the S&C office is still buzzing about one of their wackier finds...

Chris and his Angels with some of their latest beauty finds.

1. Sephora by OPI Trend Tips, $12

The claim: It's no fuss and lots of flash with these one-step nail appliqu├ęs. The real-lacquer strips boast extended wear, zero dry time and easy removal.

The verdict: "These are no fuss and lots of flash, for sure. An easy alternative to nail art at a salon, they're great for that extra something on your nails. They're not quite as easy to remove as regular polish but do come off with a little bit of elbow grease." Taylor

2. Tanda Pearl, $195

The claim: Uses patented ionic technology to deliver visibly whiter teeth in just five minutes and professional-quality whitening in five days—with no sensitivity.

The verdict: "I opted for the back-to-back 50-minute treatment, and it delivered! The gel smelled minty fresh, and I liked how quickly it worked!" Cher

3. Face Pajama, $15 at Pacific Mall

The claim: Slather on your night cream before you put on the Face Pajama to seal in the moisture while you sleep and wake up to dewy, younger-looking skin!

The verdict: "What a waste of time! Unless you want to hold onto this for a Hannibal Lecter costume come Halloween, save your money. Instead of dewy and younger-looking, my face just felt hot and sticky in the morning!" —Joanne