Carpet Cleaning Tricks Tested


There are so many carpet cleaning remedies online, it's hard to know which ones to trust. So we decided to take some of the most popular tricks and put them to the test. 


Carpet Issue: Pet Hair

Online Trick: Use a Window Squeegee

Pass! If you have a squeegee in the bathroom already, give it a good rinse and give this a try. Just run the squeegee along the carpet and watch the hair come right up. Make sure to clean the squeegee again before you use it on the mirror in the bathroom

Carpet Issue: Red Wine stain

Online Trick: Use Foam Shaving Cream

Fail! Simply apply a dollop of foam shaving cream over the wine stain. Work the shaving cream in evenly over the stain. Use a clean cloth or sponge dampened with warm water and wipe up the foam, gently scrubbing as needed. The shaving cream should absorb and lift out the stain. We tried this in studio and the red wain stain may have gotten slightly lighter but it was definitely still there!

Carpet Issue: Candle Wax

Online Trick: Use an Iron and a Paper Bag

Pass! Wax requires either heat or extreme cold to become unstuck. For carpets, scrape away the top layer, then place a brown paper bag  over the stain. Place your iron over the bag. The heat will then draw melted wax onto the paper.