Build Your Own Salad Jars

Build Your Own Salad Jars


Though a healthy and tasty lunch option, salads can sometimes be a pain to transport, with ingredients getting soggy or wilted. But grab a jar and start layering, and your salad will be fresh and tidy until you're ready to shake and enjoy!


Take a Glass Jar With a Sealed Lid

  • Tall jars work best so the dressing stays at the bottom of the jar

Layer One: Dressing

  • Any kind you love

Layer Two: Protein

  • "Heavier items" should be on top of the dressing because they won't get soggy

Layer Three: Vegetables

  • Include whatever vegetables you love

Layer Four: Greens

  • Keep your greens towards the top of the jar as they will wilt the fastest

Layer Five: Accents

  • Finish off with some crunchy bits!

Shake and Enjoy!

  • When you're ready to eat, shake up your salad, dump it into a bowl and enjoy!