Break Free from Fashion Rules

Fashion stylist Afiya Francisco says there are no rules in fashion anymore, so don't get stuck in a rut with your wardrobe. It's time shake things up and start breaking the rules!

You can wear black and navy together!

Rule: Never wear black and navy together.

How to Break it: Wearing black and navy together can look very sophisticated and rich - think Victoria Beckham. Add accessories, or other layers in between the black and blue, to make it very clear that they are different hues.

Get the look: dress and blazer, BCBG; shoes, purse and earrings, Aldo

Mix and match colours that complement each other

Rule: Always match your shoes, bag and belt, and don't mix metals.

How to Break it: You can mix and match pieces and colours as long as they complement each other. Just make sure you don't have a stand out lone ranger piece in your outfit.

Get the look: top, jeans, and silver necklace, Addition Elle; gold necklace, bag and belt, Aldo; shoes, Nine West

Don't be afraid to wear denim on denim

Rule: Never wear denim on denim.

How to break it: This is a big trend right now, so embrace it. Keep shades varied, mix light with dark, and combine different weights of fabric. Remember, always keep the look tailored.

Get the look: jeans and shoes, Joe Fresh; top, Levi's; belt, Brooks Brothers; purse, Club Monaco

Go wild and mix patterns

Rule: Do not mix and match prints.

How to Break it: We've seen a lot of mixing pattern over the past couple of seasons, and this can make things a little easier when picking out your outfit. Colour coordinate your mixed prints so things look a bit more cohesive. Aim for one large print, mixed with one smaller print to give the eye a focal point. Treat textures like tweeds as a pattern.

Get the look: blouse, BCBG; blazer, Club Monaco; jeans, Levi's; shoes, Nine West; belt and bag, Aldo

Feel free to wear creamy whites after Labour Day

Rule: Don't wear white after Labour Day

How to break it: White on white is a very chic and sophisticated look. Fabrics should reflect the season. Knits and wools are ideal for the fall and winter. In colder seasons you'll also want to wear creamier whites, saving the stark whites and linen for spring and summer.

Get the look: sweater, scarf, and jacket, Club Monaco; shirt, Zara; shoes, Nine West

Horizontal stripes can be flattering on every body type

Rule: Horizontal stripes make you look wide

How to break it: This rule is a myth. If worn properly, horizontal stripes can be flattering on any body type. Match the size of the stripe with the size of your body. If you're petite, wear a tighter striped pattern and if heavier wear a wider striped pattern. Fit is key – horizontal does not mean wear oversized!

Get the look: jacket and clutch, BCBG; turtleneck, Joe Fresh; pant, Club Monaco; shoes, Nine West