7 Simple Tips for Great Summer Grilling

With barbecue season in full swing, here are some tips and tricks to make your grill sizzle.


Ditch the metal brush

Metal BBQ brushes can wear out and the small metal bristles can pose a serious choking hazard. In lieu of a metal brush, find a strong natural bristle brush.

Use natural cleaners

A 50/50 mix of vinegar and water makes a great cleaning solution.

Keep a clean grill

When you're finished cooking, turn the heat up to full blast for about five minutes to burn off any excess fat or grease. Once your BBQ has cooled off, spray a water and vinegar mixture on the grill. Let stand for 2 minutes. Then, scrub vigorously with a natural bristle brush.

Clean your utensils

Barbecue tools tend to hang off the side of your grill until the next time you need them, but don't forget these need to be cleaned after every use.

Use a food tent

Protect your picnic from unwanted pests with this cool pop up mesh tent.

Use mini meat thermometres

Cooking your meat to the right temperature can be tricky on the barbecue. Make sure all your guests get their steak cooked to perfection with these cute mini meat thermometres.

Use a magnetic propane gauge

"Why do I always run out of propane when I'm having a backyard party?" Never wonder again with this helpful magnetic gauge. Place on the side of your tank, and pour warm water over it for an accurate reading.