6 Fun & Adventurous First Date Ideas


A first date should ideally guarantee a second one, so lifestyle expert Andrea Bain suggests doing something bold. Try getting adventurous on your first date instead of the usual wine and dine. These ideas could possibly reveal some interesting traits about your date. Read on for some inspiration...

1. Exotic car driving

...and racing. If you have a need for speed, forget about bumper cars and try tearing up the tarmac in a race car or motorcycle. Drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari on a racetrack and get to live the high life. Reach high speeds and show your wild side. This is an idea for adrenaline junkies!  

2. Rapelling

What's even more exciting than rock climbing? It's rappelling down one! This activity usually does not require previous experience and most cities have a rappelling facility that you can look up. But be prepared to spend a significant amount of your day with him/her and that there ccould be no where to run if you dont like your date. But on the plus side, there could be a sense of accomplishment and problem solving together. This way you get to know how encouraging he or she is.

3. Circus classes

Why not sign up for a fun day of acrobat lessons, plus who doesn't love the circus? Get to bounce on our trampolines, challenge your brains with juggling or even try the trapeze. 

4. Zorbing

In this new adventure, you and your date are on top of a hill, and are put inside a zorbing ball with water and roll down a hill. You may also have to bring a change of clothes on this date. It's a super fun activity where you are in close proximity with your date but if that's a risk you dont want to take on your first date then skip to the next idea. 

5. Take a ghost tour

Go for dinner and then spook yourselves out! Great way to explore your city together and perfect if one of you is new to the city. 

6. Archery

Thanks to The Hunger Games and The Avengers, archery is getting a big boost these days. Sign up for a practice session or try exploring an archery range in your city. Who knows, cupid maybe doing his practice run there! 

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