5 Travel Hacks To Pack Like A Pro


Here are five great travel hacks to help free up space in your luggage for your next vacation — and make sure everything arrives looking and working its best.

Picture collage of items you find in a suit case when packing. Includes: underwear, slippers, belt, collard shirt, pill case, and jewelry.

1. Reduce wrinkles and save space

To reduce wrinkling in folded clothes, insert a piece of tissue paper between each garment. To save space you can also roll your clothes and place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh (it also reduces static).

2. Save more space

This one's so obvious you'll wonder how you've never thought of it before: put underwear and socks in shoes to free up space in your bags. Boom!

3. Keep collars crisp

Do you find your shirt collars come out squished after a long flight? Use belts to line your collars and keep them crisp.

4. Easy jewelry storage

Rings, brooches and earrings have a way of ending up at the bottom of your suitcase, only to be found when you're unpacking back at home. But pill containers — especially the kind with separate compartments for days of the week — make great organizers for jewelry.

5. Keep cables and chargers organized

There's nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to realize you left your phone charger at home. To stay organized, use old glasses cases to keep your chargers and cables together.