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Waxy vs. Starchy Potatoes, Which One to Use?

Not all potatoes are alike. Here are tips for knowing when to use starchy or waxy potatoes when you cook.

Test Your Sex IQ!

Think you've got your facts straight about sex?

UPDATE: Tiny House that Possibly Inspired the Movie “Up” is NOT Going Down

Many people believe the story behind this tiny Seattle home and its previous owner Edith Macefield inspired Pixar’s movie "Up."

The Dirty Secrets of Your Favourite Foods

Dr. Melissa Lem reveals why you may want to think before you eat some of your favourite foods.

Poop 101

Nothing says good health like a good BM! So here's the scoop on poop and what yours is saying about your health.

The Cost of Breaking Up

Our finance expert Rubina gives you the lowdown on how different expenses fluctuate after a breakup.

Keep the Lust Alive

Sexologist Robin Millhausen shares her expert knowledge on the evolution of sex during a long-term relationship

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