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The $50 Fix-Up: A Nautical Themed Front Porch

Nova Scotia design blogger gave her friends' fantastic front porch a nautical makeover for less than $50!

Amazing Home Made from Beach Debris

70-year-old Netonia Yalte builds homes from beach debris in Haida Gwaii, B.C..

Natural, Pesticide-Free Methods for Battling Garden Pests

There are plenty of ways to successfully manage pests and disease in your garden without using pesticides.

Attention Gardeners! Perfect Vegetables for Planting in July

It’s not too late to start planting vegetables in July!

Ottawa Man’s Ad to Sell Shipping Container Home Goes Viral

Ottawa's Joseph Dupuis discovered tiny homes viral popularity with an ad for a home he constructed from 3 shipping containers.

7 Ways to Enjoy Gardening Season

Warm weather has sprung up this year which means it’s time to get planting!

Greener Goods

Environmentally-friendly designer Sue Bennett helps take the guesswork out of greening your home. Chrome vs. Stainless Steel Greener good: stainless steel. The chrome-plating process employs heavy metals and acids (both environmental no-nos) and kicks off a lot of manufacturing waste....

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