Chris’ Angels: Latest Hair Products

Chris' Angels get a little tangled testing out the latest hair products.

Chris’ Angels: Hair Removal Products

Chris' Angels were sent on a mission to test the latest in hair removal... ouch!

Chris’ Angels: Body Imaging Products

Chris's Angels are testing out the latest body imaging products on the market

Chris’ Angels: Celeb-Endorsed Products

These products have all gotten the celeb seal of approval but will they meet Chris' Angels' standards? 1. Glacéau SmartWater, $3, endorsed by Jennifer Aniston The claim: SmartWater is inspired by nature and is as pure as the first drop...

Chris’ Angels: As Seen on TV

This time around, Chris' Angels put the latest as-seen-on-TV products to the test so you don't have to! Some turned out to be more buzz-worthy than others... 1. No!no! Hair, $271 The claim: No hair with no pain! In just...

Chris’ Angels: More Beauty Boosters

Chris' Angels are back putting the latest beauty boosters to the test. In fact, the S&C office is still buzzing about one of their wackier finds... 1. Sephora by OPI Trend Tips, $12 The claim: It's no fuss and lots...

Chris’ Angels: Yoga Edition

Chris and his Angels get their yoga on with three accessories guaranteed to stretch your practice! Yoga-Paws, $37 The claim: Developed by women who love yoga and love to travel, Yoga-Paws allow you to practice yoga on the go—without a...

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