French figure skating coaches exposed after probe into sex abuse allegations

More than 20 coaches working with the French ice skating federation or its clubs have been identified following an investigation into accusations of sexual assault, harassment or violence, the French ministry of sports said on Tuesday.

CBC News a finalist for 2019 Michener Award for public service journalism

CBC News's investigation into sexual abuse in amateur sport is among the nominees for the country's highest prize for public service journalism.
CBC Investigates

Government falls short on pledge to better protect kids against abuse in sport

Six months since a CBC investigation revealed widespread problems of sexual offences by coaches in amateur sports in Canada, signs of the promises made by the federal government to deal with it are hard to find.

Canadian athletes want the lip service around safe sport to stop

For the past two days, Canadian Olympians, Paralympians and high-performance athletes from a number of sports have been speaking out, some for the first time, sharing their personal stories of abuse in sport.

Court bars, fines ex-Brazilian gymnastics coach accused of sex abuse

A former gymnastics coach with Brazil's national men's team has been banned by a court after being accused of sexual abuse. Fernando de Carvalho Lopes was also fined $400,000 US on Sunday.

Ottawa establishing investigation unit, national toll-free helpline to address abuse in sport

One month after a CBC News and Sports investigation revealed at least 222 coaches involved in amateur sports over 20 years have been convicted of sexual offences, Minister of Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan announced more initiatives to end what she calls “dirty secrets” in the country’s athletic landscape.

Ottawa announces steps to eliminate abuse in sport

Canada's Minister of Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan and the Coaching Association of Canada announced two initiatives on Thursday in Ottawa to address abuse and harassment in sport.



Shattered Trust: Key questions that parents should be asking

Over the last 20 years, 222 coaches involved in amateur sports were convicted of sexual offences. More than 600 children and teens were victimized.



Shattered Trust: Minister Duncan responds to CBC investigation

CBC Sports' Jamie Strashin breaks down the comments from the Minister of Sport and Science on what the federal and provincial governments can do to stop abuse in sport.



Shattered Trust: 'I believe that by working together we can prevent child sexual abuse'

A panel of sports professionals gathered to answer some of the questions that have risen since a joint investigation by CBC News and Sports revealed a staggering number of sexual abuse cases in Canadian minor sports.
CBC Investigates

Local sports clubs say they're left on their own to protect young athletes from abuse

Athletic clubs and leagues across the country may have different rules and policies to address abuse and coach misconduct, with little guidance from their national sports bodies. And that means some young athletes are left in precarious situations.
CBC Investigates

'It isn't up to children to protect themselves': How to keep kids safe from sexual abuse in sports

As the scope of the problem of child sexual abuse in Canadian amateur sports becomes clear, the sports world is left playing catch-up as it tries to revamp safety policies and provide parents with the tools they need to better protect young athletes.
CBC Investigates

Sex offences against minors: Investigation reveals more than 200 Canadian coaches convicted in last 20 years

At least 222 coaches who were involved in amateur sports in Canada have been convicted of sexual offences in the past 20 years involving more than 600 victims under the age of 18, a joint investigation by CBC News and Sports has revealed.



Ex-Canadian gymnastics coach Dave Brubaker acquitted of sex-related charges

CBC's Devin Heroux reports on Dave Brubaker's not guilty verdict of two sex-related charges levelled by a former athlete.



Shattered Trust: Ottawa moves to combat abuse in amateur sport

Minister of Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan says she's made addressing abuse in sport her no. 1 priority.

'Sport organizations are dinosaurs' and need change to end abuse, says retired sports prof

Angered by findings of a CBC News investigation, retired professor Margery Holman said sport organizations at the local level need to "step up to the plate" when it comes to addressing abuse among young athletes in sport.



Kyle Shewfelt: 'Athlete safety is our no. 1 priority'

Former Olympic gymnast Kyle Shewfelt now owns his own gymnastics club and coaches.



Shattered Trust: Parents raising questions over sex abuse in sports

CBC investigation into youth coaches sparks new concerns.

'Any sexual attention' from coaches is not OK, says expert

Kids who play sports in Canada should be aware that young athletes are sometimes victims of sexual offences in amateur sports.

Investigation on sex abuse 'broke my heart,' Science and Sport Minister Kirsty Duncan says

Federal Sport Minister Kirsty Duncan and the Canadian athletes organization AthletesCAN have called for change after an investigation by CBC News and Sports revealed at least 222 coaches involved in amateur sports in Canada over the past 20 years have been convicted of sex offences involving over 600 victims under 18.



Kim Shore reflects on tough conversations with young athletes

Kim Shore, Director At Large with Gymnastics Canada, speaks with the CBC's Devin Heroux about the difficult conversations parents and administrators are having with young athletes about sex abuse.



The push to protect Canadian gymnasts from sexual assault | Shattered Trust

Thrust into an unwanted spotlight due to high-profile sexual assault cases, the gymnastics community hasn't been able to hide from the pervasiveness of coach-on-athlete assault. It's sparked a grassroots push for change within the sport that has parents working to keep their kids safe.



Kirsty Duncan calls for change in light of sex abuse investigation

Science and Sport Minister tells CBC Sports' Devin Heroux that CBC's sex abuse investigation "has helped shine a spotlight on the seriousness of abuse and harassment in sports."



Sheldon Kennedy on abuse in amateur sport in Canada

Former NHL player and sexual assault victim Sheldon Kennedy says his childhood was stolen.

'No sport is immune': CBC investigation reveals scope of sexual abuse in Canada's amateur sports over 20 years

An investigation by CBC News and Sports reveals at least 222 coaches who were involved in amateur sports in Canada have been convicted of sexual offences against minors in the past 20 years.