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To Live by the Leaf means supporting those who wear it.

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2017 FACE™ grant recipient and para nordic skier Natalie Wilkie was Canada’s youngest athlete at the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. She would win three medals, a gold, silver and bronze.

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2018 FACE™ grant recipient and cross country skier Rémi Drolet with his coach David Wood.

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2019 FACE™ grant recipient and para nordic skier Lyne-Marie Bilodeau with her coach Patrick Laliberté.

Petro-Canada's Fueling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE) Program supports up-and-coming athletes when they need it most: when they are striving to represent Canada at the Olympic or Paralympic Games, but don't yet qualify for government funding.

Each year, Petro-Canada selects 55 athletes to award a $10,000 FACE grant with $5,000 going directly to the athlete and an additional $5,000 given to their coach.These funds are used for training, equipment, coach education, and travel expenses; allowing them to continue to pursue their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

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2020 FACE™ grant recipient and cross country skier Eric Groeneveld.

Since 1988, Petro-Canada has supported over 3,000 Canadian athletes and their coaches by providing more than $12,000,000 in financial support.

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More than 3,000 Athletes and Coach Grant Recipients to Date | Over $12 Million in Funding

Petro-Canada's Petro-Canada FACE logo Program

Aiden Longcroft-Harris

Coach: Marc-Antoine Christin Victoria, BC

Alexandria Loutitt

Coach: Janko Zwitter Calgary, AB

Anne-Marie Dolinar

Coach: Brian Ma Deep River, ON

Apollo Hess

Coach: Peter Schori Lethbridge, AB

Beattie Podulsky

Coach: Mike Lane Calgary, AB

Benita Peiffer

Coach: Julia Mehre Ystgaard Whistler, BC

Bogdan Hamilton

Coach: Julien Camus St. Louis, MI

Brienne Miller

Coach: Patrick Cody Edmonton, AB

Ching Nam Fu

Coach: Siqian Wu Toronto, ON

Duan Asemota

Coach: Charles Allen Ajax, ON