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Petro-Canada's FACE Program
supports aspiring athletes and coaches

Petro Canada F.A.C.E. Program Class of 2018

  • Agnes Esser

    Coach: Sheldan Gmitroski
    McBride, BC

    Agnes Esser

    Agnes Esser

    "Sheldan pushes me to get to the next level by not pushing me."

  • Aleksa Rakic

    Coach: Joanne McLeod
    Figure Skating
    Burnaby, BC

    Aleksa Rakic

    Aleksa Rakic

    "My goal is to make it to the 2020 Youth Olympic Games."

  • Alexandre Arencibia

    Coach: Jean-Pierre Cantin
    Montreal, QC

    Alexandre Arencibia

    Alexandre Arencibia

    "Since I have been working with him I have achieved more than I could have ever expected."

  • Alexandria Loutitt

    Coach: Tadeusz Bafia
    Ski Jumping
    Calgary, AB

    Alexandria Loutitt

    Alexandria Loutitt

    "He has pushed me to become a better and stronger athlete both mentally and physically. "

  • Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent

    Coach: Mathieu Pelletier
    Trois-Rivières, QC

    Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent

    Anne-Sophie  Lavoie-Parent

    "He is, I think, the best coach I can have."

  • Annie Guglia

    Coach: Adam Higgins
    Montreal, QC

    Annie Guglia

    Annie Guglia

    "Even if we've only been working together for half a year, I feel like Adam already knows what I need to skate at my best."

  • Aurélie Dubé-Lavoie

    Coach: Félix-Antoine Lapointe
    Quebec City, QC

    Aurélie Dubé-Lavoie

    Aurélie Dubé-Lavoie

    "He always looks for the best for his athletes and always wants to progress as a coach."

  • Benita Zhou

    Coach: Michelle Liaw
    Table Tennis
    Vancouver, BC

    Benita Zhou

    Benita Zhou

    "When ever I feel discouraged or am doubting myself she always brings the positive aspect back into my mind which helps change my mindset."

  • Benjamin Tessier

    Coach: Devon Butters
    Blainville, QC

    Benjamin Tessier

    Benjamin	 Tessier

    "My relationship with my coach contributes greatly to my success."

  • Cameron Low

    Coach: Peter Martinek
    Sprint Kayak
    Toronto, ON

    Cameron Low

    Cameron	 Low

    "He always believes I can do more and that makes me believe in myself even when it seems impossible."

  • Colette Reimer

    Coach: Marc-Antoine Christin
    Victoria, BC

    Colette Reimer

    Colette	 Reimer

    "Marc truly wants to see his athletes work toward success and the relationship I have with my coach embodies this daily."

  • Collin Lalonde

    Coach: Nicolas Palmer
    Wheelchair Basketball
    St-Clet, QC

    Collin Lalonde

    Collin  Lalonde

    "I think that we are pretty close on and off the court, always talking about basketball to try and improve my game."

  • Danik Allard

    Coach: Simon Larouche
    Bois-des-filion, QC

    Danik Allard

    Danik  Allard

    "He is a coach with a lot of experience, he teaches me a lot of technique to perfect my game."

  • Emily Dickson

    Coach: Justin Wadsworth
    Burns Lake, BC

    Emily Dickson

    Emily  Dickson

    "There are a lot of variables in the development of a successful training plan, so having trust, respect, and clear communication is key."

  • Jaden Chipman

    Coach: Brenden Arnold
    Bmx Freestyle
    New Lowell, ON

    Jaden Chipman

    Jaden  Chipman

    "He has gave me some opportunities I would have never gotten without him."

  • Jaiden Miller

    Coach: Nikola Maric
    Water Polo
    Coquitlam, BC

    Jaiden Miller

    Jaiden  Miller

    "A big reason for my success is that Nik never settles for anything less than what he expects, which pushes me to practice and play harder."

  • Jaime Czarkowski

    Coach: Jennifer Tregale
    Artistic Swimming
    Calgary, AB

    Jaime Czarkowski

    Jaime  Czarkowski

    "I can always count on her to give me support, confidence and to continually push me to be better."

  • Jess Neufeld

    Coach: Todd McClements
    Winnipeg, MB

    Jess Neufeld

    Jess Neufeld

    "He has been alongside me now for many years and I have grown into the athlete I am today with his guidance."

  • Jessica Guo

    Coach: Yoann LeBrun
    Toronto, ON

    Jessica Guo

    Jessica  Guo

    "I enjoy working with him, because whenever I am lacking confidence, he is able to make me feel better, since he is confident in me."

  • Jordan Stewart

    Coach: Young Su Choung
    Toronto, ON

    Jordan Stewart

    Jordan  Stewart

    "He pushes me to the next level because he constantly reminds me of my goals & ambitions and never lets me waver from them."

  • Josh Samells

    Coach: Brendan Arnold
    Milton, ON

    Josh Samells

    Josh  Samells

    "I'm very lucky to have Brendan as my coach. He is very supportive, motivating, and will go above and beyond for his athlete's."

  • Kalum Temple Bruhwiler

    Coach: Shannon Brown
    Tofino, BC

    Kalum Temple Bruhwiler

    Kalum	 Temple Bruhwiler

    "I believe that coach Brown and I have something special because we have worked from the ground up together. We learned simultaneously."

  • Kerrian Chunlaud

    Coach: Freddy Mooney
    Quebec City, QC

    Kerrian Chunlaud

    Kerrian  Chunlaud

    "He has the ability to build confidence and make me see things that are not as big as they really are."

  • Kyle Barber

    Coach: Patti Kitler
    Para Nordic Skier/Biathlon
    Stirling, ON

    Kyle Barber

    Kyle	 Barber

    "Patti's specialty is her brain that never stops. She, probably like many other coaches, only has to look at you to help you improve."

  • Leanne Taylor

    Coach: Carolyn Murray
    Wasaga Beach, ON

    Leanne Taylor

    Leanne	 Taylor

    "I wouldn't have been brave enough to show up to my first race if I didn't have so much faith in Carolyn."

  • Louise Munro

    Coach: Rami Maassarani
    Ottawa, ON

    Louise Munro

    Louise  Munro

    "I have been able to buy into his philosophy and training plans which have led me to success."

  • Lyle Fernandes

    Coach: Scott Sandison
    Field Hockey
    Mississauga, ON

    Lyle Fernandes

    Lyle	 Fernandes

    "Scott and I have played together at the international level so he knows exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are."

  • Lyne Marie Bilodeau

    Coach: Patrick Laliberté
    Para Nordic
    Sherbrooke, QC

    Lyne Marie Bilodeau

    Lyne Marie	 Bilodeau

    "Patrick Laliberté is an amazing coach who is able to take me out of my comfort zone."

  • Magdeleine Vallieres Mill

    Coach: Chris Rozdilsky
    Sherbrooke, QC

    Magdeleine Vallieres Mill

    Magdeleine 	 Vallieres Mill

    "I think cycling is special because It makes me push myself over what I think are my limits."

  • Mariessa Pinto

    Coach: Linda Price
    Abbotsford, BC

    Mariessa Pinto

    Mariessa 	 Pinto

    "Something that I draw on without her probably even knowing about is her constant motivation."

  • Matt Hamilton

    Coach: Gregory Picard
    Para Snowboard
    Vernon, BC

    Matt Hamilton

    Matt	 Hamilton

    "He is truly passionate about the sport and what he does and this rubs off on all of us who work with him."

  • Matthew Strum

    Coach: Chris Jeffries
    Bragg Creek, AB

    Matthew Strum

    Matthew	 Strum

    "He is particularly good at using an athletes strengths to give them an advantage, while also working on improving their weaknesses."

  • Matti Muru

    Coach: Larry Lemieux
    Toronto, ON

    Matti Muru

    Matti	 Muru

    "Larry's experience working with the best of the best is very special."

  • Nandini Sharma

    Coach: Lisa Myers
    Para Athletics
    Brampton, ON

    Nandini Sharma

    Nandini  Sharma

    "[My coach] genuinely does not give up and is one of the hardest working people I've ever come across."

  • Nicholas Bennett

    Coach: Mike Thompson
    Para Swimming
    Parksville, BC

    Nicholas Bennett

    Nicholas	 Bennett

    "World Class support and the best daily training environment that Canada can offer. Mike is a pretty laid back and patient coach."`

  • Nicolas Perreault

    Coach: Marc Gagnon
    Speed Skating
    Sherbrooke, QC

    Nicolas Perreault

    Nicolas	 Perreault

    "[My coach] is very encouraging and understanding, he has helped me a lot in my progress."

  • Nikita Ens

    Coach: Eric Kramer
    Para Swimming
    Meadow Lake, SK

    Nikita Ens

    Nikita	 Ens

    "Eric Kramer is so knowledgeable about swimming in general. So inclusive and supportive of para swimming."

  • Olivia Meier

    Coach: Elliott Beals
    Para Badminton
    Winnipeg, MB

    Olivia Meier

    Olivia 	 Meier

    "He has continued to help me build upon my previous skills learned and helps me recognize and work on improvements."

  • Olivier Rioux

    Coach: Terry Annilus
    Anjou, QC

    Olivier Rioux

    Olivier	 Rioux

    "I like working with him, because he can force you and push you to continue."

  • Rachel Tam

    Coach: Dave Ross
    Toronto, ON

    Rachel Tam

    Rachel	 Tam

    "[My coach] is very good at reading his athletes, and always has their best interests in mind."

  • Riley Pickrell

    Coach: Richard Wooles
    Victoria, BC

    Riley Pickrell

    Riley	 Pickrell

    "Richard Wooles is one of the greatest wealths of knowledge I have met."`

  • Ryan O'Neil

    Coach: Mitchell German
    Halifax, NS

    Ryan O'Neil

    Ryan  O'Neil

    "My coach Mitchel German is extremely dedicated to bettering his athletes and pushing us to be the best we can be."

  • Sarah Anne Cormier

    Coach: Greg Picard
    Para Snowboard
    Collingwood, ON

    Sarah Anne Cormier

    Sarah Anne	 Cormier

    "Greg is great at making you state why your run was good or bad, what you can improve on, and where you think your strengths are."

  • Skye Clarke

    Coach: Rex Thomas
    Freestyle Skiing
    West Vancouver, BC

    Skye Clarke

    Skye Clarke

    "I think what makes Rex so special is the fact that he cares so much about skiing, and he knows literally everything about the sport."

  • Sophie Crane

    Coach: Stefka Moutafchieva
    Rhythmic Gymnastics
    North York, ON

    Sophie Crane

    Sophie	 Crane

    "My coach has the unique ability to create routines that are packed with difficulty but still manage to incorporate a lot of expression."

  • Stephane Tremblay

    Coach: Tadeuz Bafia
    Ski Jumping
    Calgary, AB

    Stephane Tremblay

    Stephane	 Tremblay

    "He always says what is on his mind and he is truly brilliant when it comes to ski jumping."

  • Tess Beasant

    Coach: Jamie McCulloch
    Para Alpine Skiing
    Calgary, AB

    Tess Beasant

    Tess	 Beasant

    "To me, [my coach] is like a second father figure and is always there with extra advice, support, and security when I need it."

  • Tom Stephen

    Coach: Eric Groeneveld
    Cross-Country Skiing
    Calgary, AB

    Tom Stephen

    Tom  Stephen

    "Eric is also a very wise man I never question what he is thinking as I have 100% faith that he knows what he is talking about."

  • Trevor Boyd

    Coach: Michael Holroyd
    Calgary, AB

    Trevor Boyd

    Trevor  Boyd

    "No matter the work out, or the session he is always encouraging you to do better or reminding you of your goals."

  • Wendy Zhang

    Coach: Darryl Yung
    Richmond, BC

    Wendy Zhang

    Wendy	 Zhang

    "I enjoy training with [my coach] because I believe he can give me the guidance to achieve more in my life."

Petro-Canada's Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE ) Program
Supporting aspiring athletes and coaches

Petro-Canada's FACE Program supports up-and-coming athletes when they need it most: when they are striving to represent Canada at the Olympic or Paralympic Games, but don't yet qualify for government funding.

Living by the leaf means supporting those who wear it, that’s why every year, Petro-Canada awards 55 athletes with a $10,000 FACE grant, to be shared with their coach.  They often use these funds for training, equipment, coach education, and travel expenses so they can continue to strive towards their goal.

Since 1988, Petro-Canada has supported over 3000 Canadian athletes and their coaches by providing more than $11,000,000 in financial support.

To learn more about how Petro-Canada lives by the leaf, visit livebytheleaf.ca.

  • More than 3000 athlete and coach grant recipients to date
  • Over 11 Million in funding to date
  • 55 Athletes & Coaches. Each pair receives 10,000 every year