Andy Murray has no time for casual sexism at Wimbledon

Andy Murray may have lost at Wimbledon, but he's winning praise for his comments in a post-match press conference.

British tennis star corrects reporter who appears to overlook women's tennis

Andy Murray received praise for his comments shutting down a reporter for 'casual sexism' in press conference at Wimbledon following his match with Sam Querrey. (AFP/Getty Images)

Andy Murray may have lost at Wimbledon, but he's winning praise for his comments in a post-match press conference.

The British tennis star was quick to interject Wednesday when a reporter referred to the man who defeated Murray, American Sam Querrey, as the "first U.S. player to reach a major semifinal since 2009."

"Male player," Murray said, cutting off the reporter before he could finish his question.

That's because a number of American women, including Venus and Serena Williams, have found success in the majors for years. In fact, Venus cruised to her 10th career Wimbledon semifinal just this week, while Serena alone has won 12 Grand Slam tournaments since 2009.

Reporters and fans alike took to Twitter to applaud Murray's comment.

But the proudest of all? That may have been Murray's mom.

This isn't the first time Murray has had to remind a reporter that women's tennis players also exist.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, a reporter asked Murray about being the "first person to ever win two Olympic tennis gold medals."

Murray was just as sharp with a response, pointing to Venus and Serena's multiple titles at the Olympic Games and saying "it's obviously not an easy thing to do."