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The weirdest moments from Week 1 at the World Cup

A week is in the books at the 2018 World Cup, and soccer fans worldwide have already been treated to some great moments. Among the great, there have also been some…unusual moments thus far in Russia. Here are the highlights.

Chickens, goats and unicorns headline some bizarre storylines

England players riding blow-up unicorns is one of many unusual storylines from the first week of the World Cup. (Twitter/@bennagle17)

We're a week into the 2018 World Cup, and soccer fans worldwide have already been treated to some great moments.

Whether it be Cristiano Ronaldo's hat trick against Spain, Mexico's shocking upset over Germany, or host Russia's dominant first two games, soccer's biggest tournament has been unpredictable and exciting.

Among the great moments, there have also been some… let's say unusual ones so far in Russia. Here are the highlights:

Bare on beer?

"There are really a lot of people in Moscow ... and they are all drinking," a waiter at a high-end establishment in Russia's capital told Reuters on Monday.

That quote tells you pretty much everything you need to know. With fans coming from all over the world to celebrate their country's participation in the World Cup, there just isn't enough beer to go around.

The waiter said his restaurant ran dry on draft lager on Monday, with new deliveries taking over 24 hours to come in.

According to one bartender, visiting soccer fans had downed 800 litres of beer in three days.

Weird training

I'm still trying to figure out what on earth Spain is doing in this clip. It looks like a mix of some sort of synchronized dance and speed walking.

At least they're staying loose before an important Group B match on Wednesday.

But this is one of the weirder training routines you'll see.

England believes in unicorns

Coming off an important 2-1 win over Tunisia in their opening match, England players were staying loose on Wednesday.

Their definition of that: racing unicorns in the pool.

Yes, you heard that right. Pictures show English players riding unicorn floaties from one end to the other.

For England fans, as long as the team keeps winning, no one is going to question it.

Playing chicken?

Painting chickens in the country's colours and bringing them to live soccer games is apparently good luck for Nigerian soccer fans.

According to Andrei Yermak, Kaliningrad's minister for culture and tourism, fans asked if they could bring "lucky" live chickens into their opening match against Croatia.

For safety reasons, no live animals are permitted in any stadiums in Russia.

According to Reuters, Nigerian soccer fans have called the report "ridiculous," saying they have never brought a live chicken into a stadium before.

But after a 2-0 loss to Croatia in their opener, maybe carrying live chickens around wouldn't be such a bad idea.

The goat knows

If you're having difficulty making World Cup predictions, look no further.

Just listen to Zabiyaka the goat, who is believed by many to hold mystic powers.

Being the official World Cup oracle is a big job, and not taken lightly; Zabiyaka had to beat out many fierce competitors, including a squirrel monkey, a python and even a skunk, according to Express.

Zabiyaka's first prediction? A draw between Denmark and Australia on Thursday.

If it comes true, soccer fans may need to look no further when making big bets this World Cup.

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