World Cup

Fans diving into Neymar Challenge in dramatic fashion

Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. has drawn attention for more than his goal-scoring skills this World Cup, and has quickly become the punchline to a new "challenge" sweeping the internet.

Brazilian soccer star became known for theatrical rolls, flops during World Cup

Brazil's Neymar has taken heavy criticism from soccer fans for the amount of time he's spent on the ground during the World Cup. (The Associated Press)

Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. has drawn attention for more than his goal-scoring skills this World Cup and has quickly become the punchline to a new "challenge" sweeping the internet.

Dubbed the #NeymarChallenge, fans have been yelling Neymar's name to signal others to dive to the ground in a dramatic fashion.

It's a move Neymar has pulled numerous times throughout the World Cup, whether for sympathy, to draw a penalty kick, or some combination of both.

Neymar's penchant for taking to the turf prompted some onlookers to keep a running tally. Here's the unofficial count for Brazil's quarter-final match against Belgium.


Adding insult to (exaggerated) injury, Brazil was knocked out of the tournament in that game, losing 2-1 to Belgium.

Before Brazil's quarter-final game, a Swiss TV station did a quick study on Neymar's antics and found the star had spent a total of 14 minutes on the ground through four matches. 


But it's also worth noting that Neymar was fouled 23 times through those four games and was the most fouled player in the tournament before Brazil's exit on July 6.

Neymar might be on the ground a lot, but to his credit, it seems other team's game plan in how to deal with the undoubtedly talented star is simply to knock him down as much as possible.

Even so, it's hard not to roll on the floor laughing as the #NeymarChallenge catches more steam on social media.

It's truly one of the easiest challenges to participate in.

But the winner of the challenge may be KFC South Africa, whose viral ad takes mockery to the next level.

Though the original ad technically came out before the World Cup and Neymar Challenge began, KFC proved they know to answer when opportunity knocks.


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