World Cup memories: Tardelli's celebration, 1982

Former Canadian captain Jason de Vos recalls his favourite World Cup memory while growing up: Marco Tardelli's goal celebration from the 1982 final in Madrid.
Marco Tardelli, right, celebrats scoring for Italy in the 1982 World Cup final in Madrid. ((Allsport UK /Allsport))

In an ongoing series, asked players, managers, broadcasters, journalists and fans to recall their favourite World Cup memories.

Next up: Jason de Vos.

Currently a soccer commentator for CBC Sports, de Vos was a stalwart defender during his playing career who was also captain of Canada's national team from 1999 to 2004.

Although he never played in the World Cup, he did score the winning goal in Canada's 2-0 victory over Colombia in the final of the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup, the only major international tournament the Canadian team has won. Here, de Vos recalls his favourite World Cup moment.

With Italy sitting on a 1-0 lead in the 1982 World Cup final in Madrid, Italian forward Paolo Rossi broke down the right side before the ball was played into the middle and Marco Tardelli ripped a vicious shot past German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher.

Tardelli's goal ended up being the winner in the final, but it was his legendary celebration that everybody remembers.

Pure emotion

After scoring, the Italian midfielder slowly jogged away from the net when the reality of what he did suddenly sunk in. Tardelli picked up more speed as he frantically ran around the field, wildly flailing his arms about with tears in his eyes while screaming '"goal" over and over again before being mobbed by is teammates.

The pure emotion etched on Tardelli's face was not of a pro athlete, but of a boy who realized his childhood dream.

"Although I was only eight years old at the time, Tardelli's goal is my favourite World Cup moment," de Vos told

"It wasn't that it was a particularly brilliant strike, as there have been a lot of goals of higher quality than Tardelli's over the course of World Cup history.

"It was the pure emotion of it all. Even today when you watch the video of his celebration, you can still feel how much it meant to Tardelli to give his country a 2-0 lead against the mighty Germans. It was as though his entire career, his entire life's work was encapsulated in a split second.

"A part of me always dreamed of being able to recreate that same emotion on the World Cup stage for Canada, and that is one of the moments I always strived to achieve in my playing career."