Iceland takes over Euro 2016

Iceland — a country where owning a pet snake, lizard or turtle is against the law, mosquitoes do not exist, McDonald's is nowhere on the map and a mere 323,000 people call it home.

And you thought Spain getting eliminated was the story of the day

Iceland shocked England — and most of the world — with a 2-1 victory at the Euro Championship. (@CorksRedFM )

Iceland is a country where owning a pet snake, lizard or turtle is against the law. Mosquitoes do not exist. McDonald's is nowhere on the map. And a mere 323,000 people call it home.

Nobody would have guessed it would be the home of a soccer revolution. After jumping to 23rd from 131st in world rankings, Iceland is the smallest country ever to compete in a major international tournament.

The Icelandic underdogs shocked the world in the group stages, finishing second in their division and advancing to the round of 16 and a match against the "home" of football — mighty England.

At this point, most  fans were writing off the Vikings as a cute little underdog story. But "Our Boys" had a different ending in mind. 

If you're not on the Icelandic bandwagon yet, here are 10 reasons why you should be, after the Vikings defeated the Englishmen: 

1. Post-game analysis

We can't escape these, and I'm not sure we really want to. At times like these, fans usually remain silent, sulk in misery and pray for redemption in the next four years. But on Monday, well, magic — and the inevitable references to the Brexit vote —  surfaced on the internet.

2. Play-by-play call of the year

This Icelandic commentator failed at remaining unbiased, but surpassed all "die-hard fan" expectations. 

3. Squad goals

If this doesn't get you going, what will? 

4. Who runs the world?

Their population may be the smallest of the tournament, but united they stand.

5. Stats don't lie

Fans have to feel a little for England — one of the most sound teams on paper but one of the most disappointing teams in major tournament play. These comparative statistics put Monday's game into perspective.

6. Breaking news

Although this segment in England wasn't about the Iceland vs. England game, the English population  seems to have only one thing on their mind.

7. Coaching styles

We're onto Iceland's coaching tactics. It's all about multi-tasking.

8. Iceland ends Roy Hodgson era

Roy Hodgson's contract as English manager was up after the 2016 Euro Cup, but this is no way to go out. Or did Iceland push all of Hodgson's buttons?

9. Never forget

Let it be known, June 27, 2016, will be a day English football fans will never forget. At least when they sober up.

10. History has been made

No matter what team Iceland played today, history would have been made. Unfortunately, it was the Englishmen that are taking the heat. But let's give a little credit to the country that was expected to do nothing. They've surpassed a couple of the best teams in the world and if you're thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, it's filling up fast. 


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