FIFA fines Brazil's Rivaldo

The FIFA disciplinary committee has imposed a fine of $7,300 US on Brazil's Rivaldo for faking an injury during Monday's Group B match with Turkey, the committee said Wednesday.

In the closing minutes of Monday's match, the Brazilian striker clutched his face in apparent agony despite obviously being hit in the leg by a ball from Turkish midfielder Hakan Unsal as he was waiting to take a corner kick.

The referee immediately branded Unsal with a red card, drawing a negative reaction from the crowd and the press as the incident was replayed on the stadium's giant screen.

"I don't regret anything I did," Rivaldo said after learning of the fine.

"I wasn't worried about suspension. I was the injured party. I don't even know why I was fined," he said. "In soccer, you have to be sly. It happens a lot and it will happen a lot in this World Cup."

Rivaldo is the first player to be punished by FIFA at this year's World Cup for "simulation" -- pretending to have been fouled.

Teammate Roberto Carlos defended Rivaldo's actions, stating he has used similar tactics in the past to dupe match officials

"Many people think Rivaldo's attitude was incorrect. In my opinion, it wasn't," Carlos said. "I myself have simulated many fouls and penalties that the referee called. It's moves like that that can make you world champion. You have to be intelligent. Brazilians have always managed to get other players ejected using their intelligence."

With files from the Associated Press