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Player's Own Voice podcast: Penny Oleksiak's 'happy and weird' Olympics

Player's Own Voice podcast drops new episodes throughout Tokyo 2020. In the International Broadcast Centre today is a delightfully chill hang with 21-year-old swimming sensation and iconic Canadian Olympian Penny Oleksiak.

Canada's most decorated Olympian is enjoying herself more than ever

Canada's Penny Oleksiak displays her bronze medal, won in the women's 200m freestyle final event during the Tokyo Games. (Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters)

In a crowd of perhaps over media-trained athletes, Penny Oleksiak doesn't hold back. Canada's most decorated Olympian has a knack for saying exactly what's on her mind in interviews.

Shortly after Oleksiak secured medal number seven, she came through the International Broadcast Center in Tokyo to do her duty with the awaiting media.

CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast seized the moment to sketch a not-too-polished picture of the Olympic experience from an athlete's point of view with the 21-year-old swimming sensation.

What's it really like amid the hubbub and cameras? How does it actually feel to win more Olympic medals than anyone in Canadian history? Exactly what kind of fun will you grant yourself before buckling down again? How much did you hate practising through all those early, unsung years, and do the podium trips make it all worthwhile? And why are NHL players all such useless swimmers?

Host Anastasia Bucsis puts her new besty at ease, and barely a responsible word is spoken. It's a funny and free-wheeling fifteen minutes.

Player's Own Voice is working straight through the Tokyo Olympics, dropping episodes every day or two. These are quick and dirty conversations with athletes at the pinnacle of their careers.

Like the CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice essay series  the podcast allows athletes speak to Canadians about issues from a personal perspective.

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