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Player's Own Voice podcast: Damian Warner rewrites Olympic history

Player's Own Voice podcast is dropping new episodes throughout Tokyo 2020. In the International Broadcast Centre today: Decathlon Gold winner Damian Warner.

Canadian decathlete becomes 1st Olympian to break 9,000-point barrier

Canada's Damian Warner poses with his gold medal after winning the decathlon at the Tokyo Games. (Martin Meissner/The Associated Press)

Athletics experts are losing their minds over Damian Warner's performance in the Tokyo Decathlon.

Sports scientists might accurately say what he did was an order of magnitude greater than a single event gold. And, in fact, what Warner achieved would have landed him in the finals or on the podium in at least a couple of the individual versions of the decathlon's 10 events.

But those are details in the face of the two main headlines. First, Warner scored over 9,000 points.

In the history of his sport, which is either 140 years or 10-times that age depending on who you argue with, only three people had managed that hallowed tally before yesterday. And none of them at the Olympics, until Warner battled the field and enervating heat to deliver an historic 9,018-point performance. 

The other headline only needs four letters. GOLD. No Canadian has ever won an Olympic decathlon before.

Warner is happy to acknowledge all the above. Just don't make him wear the 'world's greatest athlete' label. That traditional accolade for the Olympic decathlon champion fits the London, Ont., native better than it does anyone else, but the humble Warner is not given to that sort of swagger.

As he tells Anastasia Bucsis on CBC Sports' Player's Own Voice podcast, all he really wants now — after two days of beyond-intense competition — is to get home and make funny noises for his baby boy Theo.

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