Sports Podcasts

Player's Own Voice podcast: Live with Kristina Groves

The Player's Own Voice Podcast goes live with long track speed skater Kristina Groves for an audience of Tokyo 2020 Canadian team members.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Canadian beach volleyball world champions

The Player's Own Voice podcast learns about the intense team building process for the reigning world champions, Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes

Player's Own Voice podcast: A date with the Grim Reaper

The Player's Own Voice podcast connects with Stu Grimson- NHL fighter, commentator, lawyer, and recent autobiographer.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Manuel Osborne-Paradis' remarkable recovery

The Player's Own Voice podcast hears why a year off the skis is the springboard Manuel Osborne-Paradis needed for a return to racing.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Grey Cup state of mind with Damon Allen

The Player's Own Voice podcast talks about the Canadian game with an American who arguably played it better than anyone ever in Damon Allen.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Brady Leman's mental game

The Player's Own Voice podcast catches up with Canadian ski cross racer Brady Leman to explore how he stays calm at the centre of a chaotic sport.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Keely Shaw's torturous route to Tokyo

The Player's Own Voice podcast connects with Paralympian road and track cyclist Keely Shaw.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Pierce LePage: 'Decathlon is easy. Video games are hard'

The Player's Own Voice podcast hangs with the chillest athlete in track and field, Canadian Pierce LePage.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Kirsten Moore-Towers on the leading edge

The Player's Own Voice podcast speaks with pairs skater Kirsten Moore-Towers, one of the last remaining athletes from Canada's golden generation.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Act 2 for Dylan Moscovitch

The Player's Own Voice podcast this week discusses the tricky business of transitioning from athletic to dramatic performance with figure skater Dylan Moscovitch.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Donovan Bailey's props for parents

It took a lifetime of confident concentration to bring sprinter Donovan Bailey to the line for the race that made him king of the world.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Marnie McBean on a mission

The Player's Own Voice podcast considers the opportunities and challenges at the core of the Olympic movement with Canada's chef de mission for Tokyo 2020

Player's Own Voice podcast: Rosie MacLennan on the rebound

The Player's Own Voice podcast finds out how trampolinist Rosie MacLennan is tackling the challenge of competing for a third Olympic gold medal.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Sheldon Kennedy skating with a purpose

The Player's Own Voice podcast welcomes Sheldon Kennedy - the healing never ends for the former NHLer and victim of sexual abuse. Next stop? Battle of the Blades.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Messing with Keegan

The Player's Own Voice podcast gets up close and personal with Keegan Messing, Canada's top men's singles figure skater.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Michael Woods on how to make peace with pain

The Player's Own Voice podcast cycles into the world of pain that Canadian racer Michael Woods embraces on the world tour.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Sam Edney slides into the future

The Player's Own Voice podcast looks at how Canada's most successful male luger coped with the setbacks related to Russian doping scandals.

Player's Own Voice podcast: A league on the line with Rebecca Johnston

With the league status up in the air, and hundreds of athletes boycotting, The Player's Own Voice podcast assesses the mood surrounding women's professional hockey with one of the game's greats.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Erica Wiebe's no-holds-barred take on the oldest sport

The Player's Own Voice podcast gets new insights into the world's oldest sport with Canadian powerhouse wrestler Erica Wiebe.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Campbell-Pascall reflects on her storied career

The Player's Own Voice podcast takes a plunge into the challenges and opportunities Canadian women's teams face, as understood by the Hall of Famer, broadcaster, and legendary leader of the national hockey team, Cassie Campbell-Pascall.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Patrick Anderson is back in business

The Player's Own Voice podcast meets with the greatest of all time as Patrick Anderson returns to the national wheelchair basketball team and aims for early qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Brooke Henderson's family business

The Player's Own Voice podcast hits the links with the winningest golfer in Canadian professional history - Brooke Henderson.

Player's Own Voice podcast: Kaillie Humphries kicking butt and taking numbers

No topic is off limits as Kallie Humphries shares her views on the Player's Own Voice podcast. The arranged marriages between brakemen and pilots, the harassment claims aimed at her sport federation, ultra intense workouts as a cure for depression - host Anastasia Buscis gets her money's worth.

Hockey Night in Canada podcast: A conversation with the commissioner

Gary Bettman joins host Rob Pizzo to discuss everything hockey. From the playoffs, to rule changes, to the NHL's involvment in the Olympics. It's a look back at the NHL season and a sneak peek of what lies ahead as the commissioner joins the Hockey Night In Canada podcast.

Player's Own Voice podcast: The life unbalanced with Ghislaine Landry

The Player's Own Voice podcast rolls with rugby sevens great Ghislaine Landry