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Pan Am Games: Gold, silver, bronze of wackiest moments

For your enjoyment, we are sharing our favourite wild, crazy, zany, madcap, and somewhat comical moments from the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

Some of our favourite crazy moments from Toronto

Felipe Miranda of Chile has an extra obstacle to ski around during his slalom run. ((Ezra Shaw/Getty Images))

You may think that there weren't any crazy moments during the Pan American Games. But then again, you probably shouldn't have had that 16-day nap, but you're likely well rested, so good on you for that. 

If you weren't asleep for the last couple of weeks, you would've noticed several, at the very least. For your enjoyment, her are our favourite wild, crazy, zany, madcap, and somewhat comical moments from the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

Personal bests

Making a splash

Dominican diver Frandiel Gomez will likely remove handstands from his repertoire after performing…something during his preliminary attempt in the 10-metre platform.

He received a zero.

Bird brain

Likely the most Canadianest thing that happened at the Pan Am Games, a flock of Canada geese forgot to read the memo about being welcome hosts, and interfered with the water skiing events at Ontario Place.

Anyone who has ever been around Canada geese likely wasn't surprised. After all, the standard response for any Canadian goose that's politely asked to move is to hiss like it's going to murder you and your family.

Nightmare fuel

If you're into that sort of thing, we guess we should also mention that Cuban cyclist who suffered a splinter from hell, but in order to keep your lunch in your stomach, we're refraining from sharing an image here. You can Google that on your own.

Bronze: Wrong Turn

The Brazilian cycling team likely weren't informed on how the highway system worked in Toronto. If they were, they probably wouldn't have held a practice on one.

Police had to escort the cyclists off the Don Valley Parkway early in the Games, as they were getting a workout in. Motorists were nonplussed as it had no effect on their daily commute since the cyclists were going at relatively the same speed as the cars that normally sit in the left lane.

Silver: Kick save, and a beaut!

This has the double whammy of being one of the best volleyball rallies you'll ever see, along with being a point for Canada.

At first, it looked like a pretty run-of-the-mill deflection that was heading out of play. Steve Marshall had other ideas.

You don't need to play the sport to understand how difficult it is to keep a ball in play with your feet, while performing a feet-first baseball slide, facing directly away from the net, a few inches away from the sponsor barrier.

But most of us would probably just high-five the crowd after we did that regardless of whether the point was still going on, and get a ball to the face for our trouble, instead of doing what Marshall did and keep the rally going.

The play circled the globe several times on the web and social media, turning it into one of the defining moments of the Pan Am Games.

Gold: The Completionists

Before you read anything, click the link below.

Finished? Good. You're welcome. 

There are so many wonderful things happening during the false start of the men's 110-metre hurdle final that it takes a couple views to spot them all. 

First, the fact that, despite the extremely loud buzzer denoting the false start, every single competitor runs at least half the race. Results vary.

Second, one of those runners, American David Oliver, "wins" the race with a time that nearly breaks the Pan Am record. You will recognize him in the video as the exhausted man who realizes he wasted about 13 seconds of his life on something that didn't really count.**

And finally, the star of the fake race, in lane eight. The ever-relentless Mikel Thomas, of Trinidad and Tobago. A man who, despite hitting the first hurdle, stayed on his feet and kept running. During a false start. Hitting every subsequent hurdle after that (10 in total, if you're counting, which you likely are). And finally falling on his face after the final jump.

We could tell you that he did the exact same thing during the actual race. And, we could also tell you that he, in fact, won silver. But you wouldn't believe us. Not unless we had visual proof.

Oh wait.

Godspeed Mikel. There are no barriers you cannot crash through. Unless you want to win gold at some point. Then you might want to clear a couple of them.

**Oliver did, in fact, win the race and broke the Pan Am record in the process. 


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