Weirdest Pan Am Story of the Day: Strange horse names

Show jumping at the Pan Am Games started on Tuesday and that means learning the strange names for some of the horses.

There are some unique monikers for show jumping horses

Canada's Tiffany Foster riding Triple X III during the first round of Pan Am show jumping. (Alexis Espejo/CBC Sports)

The medals in showing jumping go to the best performances in the ring, but there could easily be a separate set of medals handed out for most unique horse name.

Here is a list of the best names in the show jumping field.

Starting with the Canadian team, there is Showgirl, Triple X III, and Coco Bongo.

There are many great international horse names in the field as well. We've compiled a list of the top 10. (This report is brought to you by the letter "z").

  • Hardcore Z
  • Quick Z
  • Cash Z
  • Woklahoma
  • Prince Royal Z de La Luz
  • Ohlala
  • Rock'n Roll Semilly
  • Acrobat Van T Laar Z
  • G and C Close Up
  • Quincy Car