What if Canadian figure skaters were anime characters?

ISU figure skating is making its way to Sapporo, Japan for the NHK Trophy this weekend. In true Japanese fashion check out the Canadian skaters who are competing reimagined as anime characters.

Catch all your NHK Trophy action on Road to the Olympic Games

The Grand Prix figure skating circuit makes its way to Japan this weekend, and in honour of that we've reimagined some of the competing skaters as anime characters. (rinmarugames.com)

Championship figure skating makes its way to Sapporo, Japan this weekend for the NHK Trophy, with Canadians vying for the remaining spots in the Grand Prix Final. 

Japan is best known for its sushi, aesthetic tradition and most of all, anime: animation often characterized by colourful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical themes. There is even a new anime series airing on Japanese TV, Yuri on Ice that focuses on men's figure skating.

The series seems to be a hit. Filipino skater Michael Martinez and world champion Evgenia Medvedeva tweet constantly about their love for the show. Medvedeva even dressed up in cosplay as Yuri.

In honour of the Grand Prix Japan, we've reimagined the Canadian figure skaters who will be competing in Sapporo as anime characters. Would you watch this series?

Alaine Chartrand

Elladj Balde

Nam Nguyen

Eric Radford & Meagan Duhamel

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

You can catch all the NHK Trophy action on Road to the Olympic Games with hosts Scott Russell and Andi Petrillo.

It's been quite the skating season so far with twists, turns and comebacks. Take our quiz to test your knowledge and brush up on all things figure skating in preparation for the Grand Prix Final.

Want to build an anime character just like you? Check out RinmaruGames to create your own.


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