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10 Rio Olympics-inspired reality TV show ideas

The Summer Games have come to an end but we found a way to keep the top moments alive. Here are 10 reality TV shows that could come out of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The best moments from the Summer Games reimagined as a reality TV show

What Rio 2016 reality TV show would you watch? (@SimoneBiles/GettyImages)

The Summer Games have come to an end, but we think we've found a way to keep the top moments alive.

Here are 10 reality TV show pitches that could come out of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

1. True Life: I'm Obsessed with the Eatons

The Eaton's make the number one spot on our reality TV show list. The athletics power couple have been the talk of the Rio 2016 Games and fans want more. 

  • Ashton Eaton responds to 'traitor' backlash for supporting wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton

CBC Sports spoke with Brianne Theisen-Eaton during the Games and asked, "would you and Ashton ever consider doing a reality show?

Her response: "I don't know. We feel like our lives are really boring. We are not that interesting. We feel like we're just a normal couple. We would have to understand what would make it cool because we feel like it would be boring.

"We would have to probably talk about that."

Based on requests, it seems as though fans would find this reality TV show far from boring. 

2. The Bachelorette: Simone Biles 

Who will Simone Biles give her final rose to? Actor Zac Efron or...

...Brazilian gymnast Arthur Mariano?

3. Cops: Ryan Lochte

After London 2012, Ryan Lochte was given his own reality TV show, "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" But after Rio, 2016 "Cops" may be the more appropriate show.

Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

4. Real World: Sex Marathon

Brazilian divers Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso made a dramatic splash at Rio 2016, but it was far away from the pool.

Reports indicate Oliveira kicked Pedroso out of their Olympic Village apartment so she could have some "alone time" with an Olympic canoeist. Pedroso claims that she wasn't allowed back in their room for the rest of the night. 

Pedroso took matters into her own hands and left her diving partner. From now on, she will compete solo. 

5. Tonga's Next Top Model: Pita Nikolas Aufatofua

The search for the "Next Top Model" is over. 

Move aside Tyra Banks, Tonga's Pita Nikolas Aufatofua is making all the headlines. 

6. Bromance: Usain Bolt & Andre De Grasse 

One of the most talked about relationships during the Games was the bromance between Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse.

That awkward moment when you become the third wheel to Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse's Bromance reality show:

7. Sweet Sixteen: Penny Oleksiak 

We're turning Penny OVO-leksiak's birthday into a lifestyle. 

Guest performer: Drake

8. Total Divas: Mongolian wrestling coaches 

If the Mongolian wrestling coaches made a guest appearance on Total Divas, ratings would surely go up. 

9. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: U.S.A. basketball

Olympic Village vs. 296-passenger ship that includes a pool, gym and cigar lounge?

On this episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous you'll get to see how the U.S. men's basketball team experienced Rio. 

10. Say Yes to the Dress: Chinese Diver

After He Zi won a silver medal, her boyfriend and fellow athlete Qin Kai proposed during the medal ceremony. Some viewers were left gushing at the moment...

...others weren't swept off their feet. Only time will tell if He Zi will say "yes" to the dress. 

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