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Sliding like a mother, skeleton racer Elisabeth Maier on long road back from birthing

Delivering her son Hendrix wasn’t how skeleton racer Elisabeth Maier expected her quadrennial to Beijing 2022 to begin, but the 26-year-old from Calgary quickly learned to embrace the moments her dual roles as athlete and mother collided.

Canadian duo Pavan, Humana-Paredes eager for rematch with American rivals

Canada's Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes have showed glimpses of their pre-quarantine form. They finished third in week one, second in week two. But even top-three finishes are a vulnerable place to be for the world champions.

CEBL's Myles Charvis living the new dream for Canadian basketball players

For Mississauga's Myles Charvis, playing in the CEBL is more than just making his childhood dream come true. It's about creating a solid, reliable foundation for his life.

For Black skater Mariyah Gerber, something as simple as a costume illustrates problem of lack of diversity

Mariyah Gerber has been a figure skater for 22 years and over all that time she couldn't find costume mesh or tights that matched her skin, another example of the issues surrounding lack of diversity in sports.

Paralympic cyclist Chernove chasing BC Epic 1000 record, but Tokyo remains top of mind

Starting July 18, Tristen Chernove departs from Fernie, B.C., and will bike over one thousand kilometres to Merritt. He also made the event a fundraiser with money going to the Paralympic Foundation, the same organization that helped Chernove transition into competitive cycling.

Canadian beach volleyballers Pavan, Humana-Paredes reunite for Champions Cup

Beach volleyball world champions Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes get back onto the sand at the 2020 Champions Cup in Long Beach, Calif., this weekend, but the partners aren’t expecting a “We’re back!” moment.

Positive COVID-19 tests unavoidable, leagues must aim to contain potential outbreaks

Infectious disease expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch explains why athletes testing positive don't yet have him worried about sport coming back during the pandemic.

Bureaucratic fight forcing some athletes to miss out on Tokyo Games

Canada's wheelchair basketball program will go into Tokyo with a different team than it qualified with due to new eligibility policies put in place by the sport's organizing bodies.

Canada's Pangos stuck in limbo while awaiting potential Spanish league restart

Sport is one of the universal lenses used to understand the realities of COVID-19, but Canadian basketball player Kevin Pangos is experiencing first hand how foggy that lens has become.

In 2 crazy weeks, Erica Gavel defended masters thesis and qualified Canada for Tokyo 2020

Since joining Canada's national wheelchair basketball team in 2014, Erica Gavel has balanced sport and education. But the two worlds came to a boiling point this past summer and the experience will help Gavel stay balanced in Tokyo 2020 where she'll compete but also see her research applied directly to athletes.

Canadian swimmers look to maintain training intensity amid COVID-19 closures

On the heels of Swimming Canada aligning with USA Swimming's Tokyo postponement plea to the USOPC, quarantined Canadian swimmers are scrambling to salvage their decimated training schedules.

Just when Erica Gavel wanted to quit, her sporting career rocketed

On International Women's Day, Erica Gavel shares how sport took her life in a completely different direction she could have imagined at a young age.

Black History Month is coming to end, but the conversation can't

As Black History Month comes to an end, figure skating analyst and coach Asher Hill speaks with CBC Sports about what barriers and biases still exist in sport for athletes of colour.

Alysha Newman's training her mind to be Canada's 1st woman to win Olympic medal in pole vault

Tokyo 2020 will be Alysha Newman's second Games and she's going into it with more tricks up her sleeve than she had in Rio.

Women blazed new trails and changed the rules in the past decade

It wasn't easy narrow down a list of female athletes whose achievements in the past ten years have transcended sport. But these athletes made their respective sports better and women's roles in them stronger going into the next decade.