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Women blazed new trails and changed the rules in the past decade

It wasn't easy narrow down a list of female athletes whose achievements in the past ten years have transcended sport. But these athletes made their respective sports better and women's roles in them stronger going into the next decade.

'I was a ticking time bomb': The evolution of Dara Howell

Canadian freestyle skier and 2014 Olympic champion Dara Howell has had to pick herself back up a number of times in her career but, after her latest curveball, she's back stronger than ever as a big air specialist.

Hip surgery turned marathoner Lanni Marchant into a new runner

Canadian runner Lanni Marchant has had to battle through pain much of her career, but none that's affected her as much as a hip injury. But the recovery process has forced her mind-body connection to strengthen, opening untapped potential.

How do Canadian Olympians make a career off a gold medal?

Why is it that some Olympic athletes have such a successful career off the field of play, while others don't? CBC Sports talks to some of the best in the Canadian sport and the sport marketing landscape to see how athletes make the most out of gold.

Why the Caster Semenya case is a human rights issue

By ruling against Caster Semenya's appeal of new rules introduced by track and field's world governing body, the Court of Arbitration for Sport is saying that testosterone is officially a tool to decide whether someone is a man or a woman. But as self-identity and gender politics continue to evolve, finding the science to back that up is getting harder.

How will Olympic champion Erica Wiebe reinvent her winning formula?

Olympic champion Erica Wiebe takes on world champion Justina Di Stasio this weekend in the Canadian's first steps towards wrestling in Tokyo 2020.

'You don't get to cheat it': Mark Tewksbury on LGBTQ issues in sport

While acknowledging how far LGBTQ issues in sport have progressed, Mark Tewksbury says a lot more needs to happen — especially when it comes to trans athletes and representation in pro sport.

Canadian soccer star Ashley Lawrence has no time for 'twerking' twits

Whether she’s helping her club team to another French Cup, pushing Canada toward its goal of being No.1 in the world, or teaching six-year-olds how to pass, Canadian soccer player Ashley Lawrence finds ways to shine light on women's soccer for all the right reasons.

Exposure key to building women's basketball in Canada

After 10-plus years playing for Canada's national team and various pro-leagues overseas, as well having made history as the first Canadian woman on the coaching staff of a men's North American pro team, exposure is still the No. 1 hurdle Tamara Tatham sees for the nation's female basketball players, and the key to building a more lucrative future.

Ruck, Masse ready to lead Canada at Pan Pacific swim championships

In what will be a dress rehearsal for the 2020 Olympic Games, Canadians Taylor Ruck and Kylie Masse will look to build off the success they’ve generated over the last year. CBC Sports will have full live stream coverage of the event, which takes place Thursday through Sunday in Tokyo.

Teenage surfer Mathea Olin has big plans on her way to Tokyo Olympics

Fifteen-year-old Mathea Olin successfully defended a pair of titles this weekend at Surf Canada Nationals, and now she's got her sights set on a larger goal — making it to Tokyo for the sport's Olympic debut in 2020.

Maxime Dufour-Lapointe ready for Olympic season despite 2 surgeries

Two separate surgeries have moguls skier Maxime Dufour-Lapointe, eldest of the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, temporarily off her skis. But she'll rejoin her Olympian sisters and the rest of the moguls team well before the 2017-18 season.

Paralympian Bruno Garneau and his guide speak without words

Not all communication is done verbally. Paralympian Bruno Garneau and guide Ginette Béliveau are a perfect example of that.

How Russian doping scandal gave Canadian para-swimmer final shot at Paralympics

Zachary McAllister is one of the athletes who made it to the Rio Paralympics because of the Russian team's suspension. The swimmer explains the advantages and disadvantages behind his four-year dream coming true in a way he never expected.

Ellie Black ready to take on leadership role at Rio 2016

When Ellie Black went to the London 2012 games, she was 16 years old and a long shot to make the team. Heading into Rio 2016, she's 20 and has the leadership position she so heavily depended on four years ago.