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Who should be Canada's flag-bearer at the closing ceremony?

With the Rio Olympics drawing to a conclusion, the role of Canada's flag-bearer at the closing ceremony is up for grabs. Here are several worthy candidates and make sure to vote for your favourite.

Gold medallists, breakout stars among top contenders

Who do you think will carry the Canadian flag at the closing ceremony in Rio? (Getty Images)

By Benjamin Blum, CBC Sports

With the Rio Olympics drawing to a conclusion, the role of Canada's flag-bearer at the closing ceremony is up for grabs.

As for who it will be, there is the obvious choice of Penny Oleksiak. She's certainly deserving of the accolade; the Toronto teenager won four medals, including one gold in the 100-metre freestyle, to set a Canadian Summer Games record.

Oleksiak was the story during the first week of the Games.

But, as Dr. Sheldon Cooper would recommend, all logical possibilities must be pursued. Here are several other worthy candidates:

Andre De Grasse

Canada's "Kid Flash" impressed in his debut Olympics, earning bronze in the 100, silver in the 200 and bronze in the 4x100 relay.

The one drawback? He may start sprinting with the flag out of instinct, turning the Maple Leaf into a red-and-white blur.

Rosie MacLennan

MacLennan accomplished an unprecedented Canadian feat by winning consecutive Olympic golds in the same event at the Summer Games. And, if you look closely at her resume, she does have experience carrying the flag so there's no risk of her dropping it.

Derek Drouin

The high jump revolutionary is another solid choice to be flag-bearer. Drouin's gold medal may see the "Fosbury Flop" phased out of elementary school gym classes in a few years. For that alone, give him the Order of Canada!

Jen Kish

Canada's inspirational rugby sevens captain is an excellent choice, but logistics may be an issue since she's back in Canada. Here's hoping she'd make the trip back to Rio if asked.

Erica Wiebe

After her freestyle wrestling gold, fans of the Stittsville, Ont. grappler will be forever known as BeWiebers. If Justin Bieber wants it back, he's more than welcome to wrestle her for it.

Evan Dunfee

It was a long, uncomfortable and convoluted Friday for this Canadian racewalker, but Dunfee showed some incredible sportsmanship once the dust settled on the medal appeals. Definitely a solid candidate.

Christine Sinclair

It's looking like déjà vu all over again for Canada's soccer captain after the team won its second consecutive Olympic bronze. She carried the flag at the closing ceremony in London, so will history repeat itself?

Meaghan Benfeito

​While everyone was talking about the colour of the water, Benfeito was busy collecting two diving medals. The 27-year-old Montrealer now has three career Olympic medals. 

Who do you want to carry the flag? Vote here:


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