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CBC Olympic broadcast team boasts plenty of expertise

CBC's team of on-air personalities and former athletes has been to nearly 200 Olympic Games combined, either as broadcasters or competitors or coaches. The experts have won a combined 185 medals in international competition, including 20 at the Olympic Games.

Expert analysts have won combined 20 Olympic medals

CBC coverage team has plenty of Olympic cred. Clara Hughes, Donovan Bailey, Adam Kreek and Perdita Felicien have all been to the top in their respective sports.

When it comes to expertise and credibility, CBC Sports has you covered with its all-star Olympic coverage team of commentators and experts. 

The numbers tell a strong story. CBC's team of on-air personalities and former athletes has been to nearly 200 Olympic Games combined, either as broadcasters or competitors or coaches. The experts have won a combined 185 medals in international competition, including 20 at the Olympic Games.

Along with the broadcasters, the CBC has a team of people who contribute regularly to our digital platforms such as Adam Kreek with Kreek Speak, Donovan Bailey, Mark Tewksbury, Perdita Felicien, Clara Hughes, Elliotte Friedman and Mark Lee. 

Here's a list of the entire CBC Olympics broadcast team:

Studio broadcast team

  • Ron MacLean - Host, Olympic Games Morning
  • Andi Petrillo - Co-Host, Olympic Games Daytime
  • David Amber - Co-Host, Olympic Games Daytime
  • Scott Russell - Host, Olympic Games Primetime

Special Analysts

  • Donovan Bailey (Double gold in 1996: 100m, 4x100m)
  • Clara Hughes (6 Olympic medals: 2 Summer (cycling), 4 Winter (speed skating))
  • Adam Kreek (Gold in 2008: Rowing men's eight)
  • Karina LeBlanc (Bronze in 2012: Soccer)
  • Philippe Marquis (9th in 2014: Moguls)
  • Craig McMorris (Competed at 4 FIS Snowboard World Cups; Analyst at 2014 Games) 
  • Alexandra Orlando (6 gold medals at 2006 Commonwealth Games: Rhythmic gymnastics)
  • Mark Tewksbury (3-time Olympic medallist, including gold in 1992 in 100m backstroke) 


  • Bruce Rainnie - Commentator, Women's Basketball
  • Chantal Vallée - Analyst, Women's Basketball

Beach Volleyball

  • Rob Snoek - Commentator
  • Mark Heese - Analyst

BMX Cycling

  • Mitch Peacock - Commentator
  • Kevin O'Brien - Analyst


  • Doug Dirks - Commentator
  • Karen Furneaux - Analyst


  • Elliotte Friedman - Commentator
  • Mark Lee - Commentator, Synchronized Diving
  • Blythe Hartley - Analyst
  • David Amber - Reporter
  • Andrew Chang - Reporter

Equestrian jumping

  • Bruce Rainnie - Commentator
  • Ian Allison - Analyst

Field hockey

  • Mitch Peacock - Commentator
  • Nigel Reed - Commentator
  • Scott Sandison - Analyst


  • Nigel Reed - Commentator
  • Clare Rustad - Analyst


  • Brenda Irving - Commentator
  • Kyle Shewfelt - Analyst
  • Andrew Chang - Reporter

Mountain bike

  • Doug Dirks - Commentator
  • Lesley Tomlinson - Analyst


  • Doug Dirks - Commentator
  • Barney Williams - Analyst
  • Karin Larsen - Reporter


  • Mitch Peacock - Commentator
  • Andrea Burk - Analyst


  • Elliotte Friedman - Commentator
  • Byron MacDonald - Analyst
  • David Amber - Reporter
  • Andrew Chang - Reporter


  • Robert Bettauer - Commentator

Track and Field

  • Mark Lee - Commentator
  • Michael Smith - Analyst
  • David Moorcroft - Analyst
  • Scott Oake - Reporter

Track Cycling

  • Mark Connolly - Commentator
  • Richard Wooles - Analyst


  • Brenda Irving - Commentator
  • Barrie Shepley - Analyst


  • Charles Parkinson - Commentator
  • Paul Duerden - Analyst
  • Emily Cordonier - Reporter


  • Charlsie Agro - Various
  • Signa Butler - Commentator
  • Caroline Calvé - Various
  • Perdita Felicien - Various
  • Sonali Karnick - Various
  • J-F Poudrier - Various
  • Karin Larsen - Copacabana
  • Kelly VanderBeek - Digital
  • Tanya Casole-Gouveia - Social Media
  • Gabriella Cook - Social Media
  • Anson Henry - Digital

CBC Radio Hosts

  • Andie Bennett - Host, Olympic Games Report
  • Jill Dempsey - Host, Olympic Games Report
  • Scott Regehr - Host, Olympic Games Report


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