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Rio Olympic 2016

Olympians celebrate the Tragically Hip

Being in Brazil was no reason for Team Canada to miss out on the biggest concert the country has ever seen.

Canadian athletes gathered in Rio to watch live concert with Canada

Olympic Primetime host Scott Russell watches the Tragically Hip perform live on the set in Rio. (Scott Russell/Twitter)

By Nicole Winchester, CBC Sports

Most of Canada stopped whatever it was doing Saturday night to watch the Tragically Hip perform the last concert of its Man Machine Poem tour in group's hometown of Kingston, Ont. CBC Olympics paused its coverage to allow Canadians coast to coast and around the world to watch the concert — and Rio was no exception to The Hip madness.

One Canadian runner turned out to be an unusual opener for the concert:

And even CBC Sports producers needed special credentials for the evening:

But the focus was on watching the show for our Olympians and hosts.

Olympic Primetime host Scott Russell took a moment on the set to watch the concert.

Olympian Matt Hughes left Rio before the closing ceremony — apparently because he had Tragically Hip tickets.

And other Canadian athletes were watching from home.

Some sport fans found The Hip and the Olympics were a perfect pairing:

It was an emotional experience that we'll leave to CBC News' chief correspondent to sum up:

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