Road To The Olympic Games

Brandie Wilkerson

Brandie Wilkerson found success in indoor volleyball in her first year of university and through networking made the switch to beach volleyball.
Petro Canada Faces of Tomorrow - Brandi Wilkerson 2:44

National Sport Federation: Volleyball Canada

Sport Discipline: Beach Volleyball

Hometown: Lausanne, SUI

Date of Birth: 01-Jul-92

Coach: Dana Cooke

Instagram Handle:@bvuilleumier​

"My dream is to be deeply happy, to love my life and the people that fulfil it. I believe this for life in and outside of sport."

What are some of your long term goals?

"Our long term goals are aimed towards the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, where we plan on qualifying through results achieved on the FIVB World Tour. Another great achievement would be winning the next World Championships leading us to further represent our country worldwide including the Olympics."

What is the best thing about your sport?

"What I personally believe is the best thing about beach volleyball is that it is a sport of contradiction. It found in the intensity and seriousness of the sport that intertwines itself within a small and fun-loving community filled with beautiful minds and spirits. In the sport itself, it challenges your weakest skills while highlighting the greatest ones and allowing you to find personal and outwardly success. It truly exposes you as a female athlete physically and mentally but also makes you feel completely in control. Truly, there is always a story of tribulation and great success to be told while aspiring to become the worlds greatest."

What is your favourite quote?

"Every flower must grow through dirt. You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible - Deepak Chopra"