Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher is a freelance journalist based in Tokyo.

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'Good to be alive': Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee's remarkable journey from illness to the Olympics

When Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee lines up for her legs in the Olympic relays, it will be an emotional moment for both her and the legions of fans in Japan and abroad that have watched her fight back from leukemia.

Canada's softball Olympians enjoying warm reception from Japanese hosts

Backed by supportive hosts in the city of Anjo in central Japan, Canada's softball team has adjusted well to the long journey and COVID-19 countermeasures in place for all foreigners entering Japan and is tuning up for the six-team tournament.

Ready or not, the Tokyo Olympics will happen in 1 month

With one month to go until the delayed Tokyo Olympics begin, the reality that the event is going to happen is starting to take hold in the capital city.

Japanese athletes being drawn into expanding battle over Tokyo Olympics

The Japanese government, Tokyo organizing committee and sponsors are on one side with the political power and money behind them defending the event, while the anti-Olympics contingent is on the other with a grassroots campaign that is trying to marshal its forces on social media to stop the extravaganza.

Veneer of normal life belies anxiety of uncertainty as, for better or worse, Tokyo prepares to host world

With the exception of everybody wearing masks, life in Tokyo is about as normal as can be expected at the present time. Children are in school, restaurants and business are open. But beneath this veneer, uncertainty is the operating term as the situation caused by COVID-19 remains fluid.

Though a rising star, new Olympic chief Seiko Hashimoto still must contend with Japan's 'iron ceiling'

At issue is whether Seiko Hashimoto's ascension to president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee will lead to any meaningful change in male-dominated Japan or is it just a short-term, cosmetic move?

Life in Tokyo offers no hint of doubt that Olympics will happen

As murmurs of cancellation and restrictions at the Tokyo Olympics grow louder, life in the city of 14 million appears strangely normal, a contradiction that only further muddies the picture of what the Games might look like.

COVID-19 cases rise just months ahead of Olympics, Tokyo residents at odds with whether Games should proceed

Back in the early 1960s, most Japanese were initially opposed to hosting the Olympics, but ultimately came to cherish the symbolism of the event. More than a half-century later, the population appeared ready to back staging the Summer Games again, only to have a pandemic derail the event and flip public opinion in the process.