Road To The Olympic Games

Faces of Tomorrow

Rachel Honderich

Rachel Honderich got into Badminton because her mom played as an adult.
Rachel Honderich hopes to compete in badminton at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics 2:20

National Sport Federation: Badminton Canada

Sport Discipline: Badminton

Event: Singles/Doubles/Mixed

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Date of Birth: 21-Apr-96

Coach: Jennifer Lee

"My dream is to compete in the Olympic Games one day & to be one of the top Women's Singles players in the world."

What are some of you short term goals?

"My next tournament is World Championships in Jakarta from August 10-16th. I hope to make it to the round of 32 in singles. As well, my current world ranking is #59, and I hope to make it to top 50 by the end of the year."

What is the best thing about Badminton?

"That there are so many aspects involved to become a good player. You need to have endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, explosive power, technique, and more, so there are always different things to have to work on which makes training more enjoyable."

What is your favourite place in Canada?

"My home (Toronto, ON). I feel most comfortable at home, and love being in control of my schedule, as well as being with friends and family."