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Nigel has spent more than 30 years covering a wide variety of sports in both Canada and Europe. He has worked on multiple Olympic Games and World Cups, specializing in soccer, rugby and golf. In recent years he has broadcast Major League Soccer, Rugby Canada, Toronto Wolfpack and the 2015 Pan Am Games.

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HFX Wanderers building a legacy on and off the pitch

The HFX Wanderers don’t have a prayer of qualifying for the CPL Championship. The best they can hope for is to avoid finishing at the bottom of the Fall season standings. As Nigel Reed writes, they may not be winning, but they are building a new soccer culture in Atlantic Canada - one that will be on display on Saturday when they take on Valour FC (1 p.m. ET, CBC,

Time slipping away for FC Edmonton to make their move

There can be no argument that Cavalry and Forge are the best two teams in this historic first CPL season. It is almost a foregone conclusion they will dispute the 2019 CPL Championship, but as Nigel Reed writes, it is not quite a done deal and there is still time for a twist in the tale. 

With regular-season title in hand, Wolfpack can nurse injuries and manage like Kawhi

Now it is official. The Toronto Wolfpack is untouchable. The heavy lifting has been done and the mission accomplished. Others will scrap, battle and clamber to join the Wolfpack in the promotion playoffs, but none can surpass what has already been achieved. The Wolfpack clinched the regular-season title.

Cavalry FC giving fledgling CPL the credibility it needs

The stampede is getting louder and stronger. The dust you see in the distance are the hooves charging out of Vancouver, back across the Rockies and straight into Canadian soccer history.

The Wolfpack's quiet heartbeat, Josh McCrone looking to lead team to glory

The Toronto Wolfpack, led by veteran Josh McCrone, have only lost one game all season and are eyeing promotion to the Super League. Standing in their way? Playoff rugby. But first, Toronto needs to finish off their regular season, including games against Widnes and Bradford.

As Wolfpack near regular-season title, all eyes remain on Super League prize

The Toronto Wolfpack can lock up top spot in the Betfred Championship with a win against Featherstone Rovers on Saturday. But the Wolfpack knows regular-season accolades are meaningless if it can't secure Super League promotion when it truly starts to count.

World Cup win shows U.S. women playing in class of their own

The Americans don’t hope to win. They expect to. There is a confidence, bordering on arrogance, taken into every contest. The U.S. throws down the gauntlet and dares its opponent to rebel.

Dutch have no room for error against dominant U.S. team in Women's World Cup final

The Americans will come out with all guns blazing to try and impose their authority on the game. To have any chance, the Netherlands must hold strong and be focused on winning individual battles.

Canada's women's World Cup exit leaves bitter taste

Canada knows all about Sweden. Two of the pioneers of the women's game, these two have been slugging it out for decades. What we witnessed in Paris should have surprised no one who follows the game.

Wolfpack chasing its own slice of Canadian sports history

The Wolfpack are home and ready to entertain for the most of the rest of the summer. It is a team of highly-skilled players, motivated to climb the next ladder of the sport and join the elite Super League next year. As Nigel Reed writes, their perfect record at home will be put to the test on Saturday when they host Toulouse - the only team to have beaten them this season.

Future is bright for Canadian women's rugby 7s squad

All’s well that ended well. After winning bronze in the season-ending tournament in France, while locking up a spot at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Team Canada can start looking to the future. And the future looks bright.

Can anyone catch — or beat — the Cavalry FC?

With little more than a fortnight remaining, it appears Cavalry FC has some competition. Forge FC has pulled within two points of the unbeaten runaway leaders. But as Nigel Reed writes, the math doesn't add up.

Biarritz will be no vacation for Canadian women's 7s

Biarritz may be a luxury vacation destination, but this will be no holiday for the Canadian women's rugby sevens team. As Nigel Reed writes, the team underperformed at their own party in Langford, B.C., last month, and will be determined to finish the season with a flourish.

Wolfpack return home after owner's apology for racist comment

The Toronto Wolfpack are a refreshing new team pushing the boundaries of its sport. But all the good work to promote and popularize rugby league could be undone by one damning incident of racial abuse, and as Nigel Reed writes, club owner David Argyle is guilty as charged.

Americans once again standing in the way of Canadian soccer glory

Is Canada a contender or a pretender in France? That may depend upon how they navigate the numerous obstacles in their way - which includes an American team Canada has not beaten for nearly 20 years. As Nigel Reed writes, don't be surprised if Team USA is, again, the last team standing on French soil.