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Nigel has spent more than 30 years covering a wide variety of sports in both Canada and Europe. He has worked on multiple Olympic Games and World Cups, specializing in soccer, rugby and golf. In recent years he has broadcast Major League Soccer, Rugby Canada, Toronto Wolfpack and the 2015 Pan Am Games.

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Future is bright for Canadian women's rugby 7s squad

All’s well that ended well. After winning bronze in the season-ending tournament in France, while locking up a spot at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Team Canada can start looking to the future. And the future looks bright.

Can anyone catch — or beat — the Cavalry FC?

With little more than a fortnight remaining, it appears Cavalry FC has some competition. Forge FC has pulled within two points of the unbeaten runaway leaders. But as Nigel Reed writes, the math doesn't add up.

Biarritz will be no vacation for Canadian women's 7s

Biarritz may be a luxury vacation destination, but this will be no holiday for the Canadian women's rugby sevens team. As Nigel Reed writes, the team underperformed at their own party in Langford, B.C., last month, and will be determined to finish the season with a flourish.

Wolfpack return home after owner's apology for racist comment

The Toronto Wolfpack are a refreshing new team pushing the boundaries of its sport. But all the good work to promote and popularize rugby league could be undone by one damning incident of racial abuse, and as Nigel Reed writes, club owner David Argyle is guilty as charged.

Americans once again standing in the way of Canadian soccer glory

Is Canada a contender or a pretender in France? That may depend upon how they navigate the numerous obstacles in their way - which includes an American team Canada has not beaten for nearly 20 years. As Nigel Reed writes, don't be surprised if Team USA is, again, the last team standing on French soil.

Hold your applause for Canada's consolation win at Paris 7s

It’s true. Canada won a trophy. Hold your applause. Canada did not leave France empty handed. For the first time this season, the Canadians are bringing home some Sevens silverware. It is a real trophy — just not THE trophy.

Pacific FC cross the country in search of a winning formula

As road trips go, this is a monster. It's a seven-hour flight for Pacific FC from Victoria to meet the Wanderers in Halifax. As Nigel Reed writes, the winless-in-four PFC better make it worth its while.

Paris 7s promises a thrilling finish to the season

The World Sevens Series Championship is on the line in Paris and it's a two-horse race: an experienced Fiji has come on strong while the upstart Americans look to finish their season on top. As Nigel Reed writes, it promises to be pandemonium in Paris.

Canada finds safe landing spot after performance at London 7s

Mission accomplished. At times it wasn’t pretty — in fact it was downright ugly — but Team Canada is safe. No matter what happens in Paris, the Canadian men's rugby squad has guaranteed its status as a core team for the HSBC World Sevens Series next season.

In the CPL, there's the Cavalry FC — and then everyone else

The Cavalry charge is in full cry. Heading into the weekend, and another home game against HFX Wanderers, the Cavs have opened up a cavernous five-point lead at the top of the standings. As Nigel Reed writes, it's a dominant statement of intent from a team that is ambitious offensively and solid on defence.

Canada searching for silver lining at high stakes London 7s

Essentially there are five nations chasing four automatic berths at the 2020 Summer Olympics. One of them is not going to make it and will be forced to go through a nervy qualifying competition after the men's World Rugby Sevens Series in London this weekend.

This Toronto Wolfpack team is real

The evidence is overwhelming. There is no further need to reserve judgment. Even at the midpoint of the regular season it is abundantly clear the Toronto Wolfpack is the best team outside Super League, and likely better than some of its incumbents.

Wolfpack set for key battle with Toulouse

Win or lose this weekend, nothing changes for the Toronto Wolfpack. It is the most important game of the season to date, but the ramifications will not become clear until summer turns to fall.

Canada 7s can still control Olympic destiny despite underachieving on home turf

There was no triumphant rendition of the Canadian national anthem. In B.C., the Langford locals are getting used to it. In foreign lands Team Canada has shown us what can be achieved. Just not in its own backyard.

No time like the present: Each CPL game is extra important during short spring season

The season has barely started, but already the sprint is on. Time is of the essence in the fledgling Canadian Premier League. All 7 teams are up and running and everyone’s got something to show for their effort — some more than others.