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CEBL hopes target-score finish will create heroes every game

The Canadian Elite Basketball League will adopt the Elam Ending for its tournament-style return. Hamilton Honey Badgers point guard Brianté Weber says the style brings him back to being a kid and favours the new game format.

Amid '2 pandemics,' Minnesota Lynx lead WNBA players' fight for social justice

Perhaps no league has seen more dropouts than the WNBA, whether due to concerns over coronavirus or the desire to promote social justice, or both. Canadian Kayla Alexander, a Minnesota Lynx forward, is not among those dropouts. But she says the decision wasn't easy.

Canadian athletes detail experiences with racism in sports

Canadian track and field athletes Brandon McBride, Aaron Brown, Khamica Bingham, Christabel Nettey, Melissa Bishop-Nriagu and Damian Warner discuss their experiences with racism in sport.

Taking Kaepernick's lead, Black athletes increasingly forcing change in pro sports

Almost four years after Colin Kaepernick first kneeled during the American anthem, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admitted the league was wrong for not listening to player protests earlier. What changed?

The pieces are in place for the defending champion Raptors to run it back

The Toronto Raptors were supposed to be one-and-done. Kawhi Leonard was the hired gun, brought in to help achieve a year of glory before everything went up in flames. Instead, the defending champions proved their mettle without Leonard, and a repeat is in the cards.

On the anniversary of Raptors' championship, NBA finds itself in a whole new world

One year ago, on June 13, the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to clinch the first championship in franchise history. A lot has changed since then.

How a teenage Canadian equestrian decided to speak out against racial inequality

Lauryn Gray wanted to spark conversation. The 17-year-old Canadian equestrian, who refers to herself as "Black and white mixed," wrote an article pushing for further acceptance of minorities in a community where she says she doesn't see anyone who looks like her.

Canada's Joel Anthony says racism not limited to U.S. as basketball career comes home

Joel Anthony says he's experienced more racism in Canada than in the United States. On May 21, the Montreal native and 10-year NBA veteran signed with the CEBL's Hamilton Honey Badgers as a player consultant four days before the death of George Floyd.

Projecting the new pro sports calendar and its impact on the Olympics

We now know the NHL’s and NBA’s plans to return from the coronavirus-induced pause to their seasons. But moving forward, there’s still tons of questions to be answered — and that’s assuming everything goes as scheduled.
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The Raptors' title defence could take place in Disney World

On Thursday, the NBA’s board of governors approved a return format that includes 22 teams playing in Orlando’s Disney World, and a potential Game 7 of the Finals on Oct. 12.

Jennifer Jones recalls celebration of final curling event with her dad

Jennifer Jones says it was one of the most emotional moments of her illustrious curling career — a confluence of events seemingly fated to coincide with one another.

Why athletes should do better on 'Survivor,' according to the only NHLer to play

In the absence of live sports, Survivor is the next best thing. Several athletes have competed in the past, but they've been largely unsuccessful. The only Canadian and only NHLer to ever play, Tom Laidlaw, gives his insight on why hockey players should be more successful.

The moments immediately following Kawhi Leonard's shot are what make it so great

In the hours and days that followed Toronto's miraculous second-round series victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, many fan reaction videos began to circulate through social media. With the pandemic now keeping many of us apart, we remember two of the best viral celebrations.

Oral history: Kawhi Leonard's remarkable 4-bounce buzzer-beater

On the one-year anniversary of Kawhi Leonard's buzzer-beater to send the Toronto Raptors past the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the 2019 NBA playoffs, we remember how the shot went down in the words of those who were there.

Canadian Olympic Committee made 'ethical' decision to withdraw early from Tokyo 2020

Tricia Smith, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, said Friday her organization determined it wouldn’t be ethical to attend Tokyo 2020 after numerous deliberations with experts and the athletes themselves.