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CDC shortens quarantine recommendation for U.S., raising questions in Canada

The recommended quarantine time for close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case is being reduced by up to a week in the United States, but while some of Canada's health experts say a similar approach could be useful here, others aren't so sure.

Experts call for #COVIDzero strategy to weed out virus, but will it work?

As COVID-19 cases rise steeply across parts of Canada, some infectious disease experts are calling for a new strategy to curb the unruly spread of the virus.

Clear messaging, safe options key to fighting COVID-19 fatigue

With COVID-19 cases rising in parts of the country, tightened restrictions are causing some Canadians to abandon safety precautions.

Psychologists worry about mental health in first full COVID-19 winter

Psychologists have worried about the mental health toll of rising COVID-19 cases and tightened restrictions for months — add in the shorter days and colder weather of the approaching season, and we could be in for what one expert called a "long, dark winter."

Heavier breathing, spewing droplets, poor ventilation add to gyms' superspreading risk

A recent COVID-19 outbreak at a southern Ontario fitness studio is illustrating how certain indoor settings can provide a perfect storm for superspreading events.

Max Parrot ready for snowboard season after modifying training during pandemic

Declared cancer-free last summer, Canadian snowboarder Max Parrot says he's no more at risk of contracting COVID-19 than anyone else right now, allowing him to focus more freely on the 2020-21 freestyle season, should it happen.