International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Collection of top stories on Canadian female athletes

In honour of International Women's Day, here is a collection of stories featuring Canadian female athletes.

Features on Penny Oleksiak, Alysha Newman, Dara Howell, Sandra Schmirler & Gabriela DeBues-Stafford

Canadian swimmer Penny Oleksiak spoke to Jacqueline Doorey about the weight of expectations after her surprising success at the Rio Olympics. (Associated Press)

In recognition of International Women's Day, here's an archive of some of the stories we've told on

Curling icon Sandra Schmirler delivered in the biggest moments

Twenty years after she succumbed to cancer, Sandra Schmirler is remembered as one of the best curlers to ever play the game. She won everything there was to win and her impact on the sport continues.

Alysha Newman's training her mind to be Canada's 1st woman to win Olympic medal in pole vault

Can Alysha Newman break a 100-year medal drought in Tokyo? She wants to be the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic medal in pole vault, and the first Canadian to do so in more than 100 years. Newman could do it and is taking an unconventional approach to her mental game to enhance her odds.  

'I was a ticking time bomb': The evolution of Dara Howell

Many know freestyle skier Dara Howell from Sochi 2014 when she became the first Olympic champion in ski slopestyle. But a lot has happened since, all culminating in her latest reincarnation as a big air skier. Could she be first Olympic champion in that discipline at it's debut in Beijing 2022? 

Gabriela DeBues-Stafford shattering more Canadian records after 'satisfying' 2019 track season

Middle-distance runner Gabriela DeBues-Stafford keeps setting records in the 1,500 metres. She's poised to do incredible things in Tokyo 2020, and is making history in Canadian running as she does it. 

'I don't want to disappoint Canada': Penny Oleksiak's roller-coaster ride continues

At just 16, Penny Oleksiak won four medals at Rio 2016. Managing the increasing weight of that accomplishment has been part of her journey since and Canada will see a different Penny Oleksiak on the blocks at Tokyo 2020.