Your View: Who should be Canada's captain?

Who should wear the 'C' for Canada's Olympic men's hockey team? Vote in the poll, post your comment and have your say.
Sidney Crosby is the captain of the reigning Stanley Cup champions, but can he lead Team Canada? ((Jamie Sabau/Getty Images))

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It could be the toughest of the many decisions Steve Yzerman, Mike Babcock and the rest of Team Canada's decision-makers must wrestle with: in a room full of leaders, who should be the Olympic captain (the capo di capi, if you will)?

Do you go with Jarome Iginla, perhaps the ultimate blend of skill, toughness and dressing-room affability? Or Scott Niedermayer, a soft-spoken lead-by-example type with four Stanley Cup rings?

How about the captain of the reigning NHL champions, young Sidney Crosby? Or Roberto Luongo, the only active goalie to wear the 'C' (figuratively, at least) and the leader of the hometown Vancouver Canucks?

Vote in the poll, post your comment and have your say.