Sundin preparing for return to NHL?

Mats Sundin underwent a medical Wednesday in Toronto, possibly the first step toward a return to the NHL.

Mats Sundin has taken the first step toward a return to the NHL.

The 37-year-old free agent underwent a physical exam at a Toronto hospital Wednesday — a necessary step before beginning a rigorous period of training to continue his hockey career.

Sundin, who spent the past 13 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, returned to the city last week and soon is expected to travel to Los Angeles to begin a two-week on-ice training stint.

After that, Sundin is expected to begin talking to NHL teams.

The Swedish star would not be able to return to action until next month at the earliest.

The Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks are among the teams that have displayed interest in signing Sundin.

The Canucks went as far as to offer Sundin a lucrative two-year, $20-million US offer over the summer.

That deal is reportedly still on the table.