Sharrers is first black referee

While league officials aren't sure, it's likely that Jay Sharrers made NHL history this week as the first black referee.

Sharrers, a veteran linesman, worked his first game as an NHL ref when the Philadelphia Flyers faced the visiting Florida Panthers on Tuesday night.

Sharrers was born in Jamaica and raised in Vancouver.

"I am not aware of the history of officiating ... If that is true, it was probably more exciting just to work with my teammates (referee Terry Gregson and linesmen Greg Devorski and Scott Driscoll) and be a part of my first game as a referee," Sharrers told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Sharrers, an NHL linesman for 10 years, has been working this season in the American Hockey League and the East Coast Hockey League as a referee, training to return to the NHL in that capacity.

"It's easier to read the play at this level, because the players are so good at what they do," Sharrers said.