PM visits Canadian juniors

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his son Ben paid a visit to the Canadian junior hockey team in Ottawa on Tuesday to wish them luck in the tournament.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his son Ben visited with Team Canada on Tuesday to wish the players luck in the world junior hockey tournament.

The prime minister spoke to the players in their Ottawa dressing room and had a photo op with them on the bench.

Ben is in the midst of an Ottawa hockey tournament as well, with his minor hockey team.

"Ben's team in the tournament is also 3-0, but their goal differential is better than ours," Canadian head coach Pat Quinn said. "It was really a pleasure to have our prime minister come and visit with these kids.

"It was a pretty quiet room while he walked around and visited with them for a short time."

Canadian goalie Chet Pickard watched a bomb-sniffing dog leave the dressing room. "The guys were a little quiet and security was in there and everything," he said.

"I was kind of wondering what was going on when a dog came running out."

With files from the Canadian Press