#NHLPlayoffs: Ducks stomp Flames in Game 1

The Calgary Flames played the Anaheim Ducks in Game 1 of their Round 2 series. The Ducks came on strong and overpowered the Flames. However, the C of Red was still on fire, even if the Flames weren't.

7 reasons why "The C of Red" is just heating up

Anaheim beats Calgary 6-1. 0:28

It was a tough game for The Calgary Flames and their fans Thursday night.

Anaheim came on fast and strong, leading 4-0 at the end of the second period. The Ducks ended up stomping out the Flames 6-1.

But it's just Game 1, and by what we can tell by these fan photos, "the C of Red" is only going to get hotter.

7 reasons why "The C of Red" is just heating up

1. Band wagon jumpers are walking and flocking to the Flames

2. Die hard Flames fans aren't afraid to shed a tear for their team

3. Babies rep their flaming C's with pride

4. As do dogs

5. Calgary's claws are out

6. And their flags are NOT white

7. They are hungry...and thirsty

8. Anaheim can try and #paintitorange, but it'll still be the colour of fire

The C of Red is just heating up.


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