Which hockey legend is about to visit Springfield?

The Great One is about to join The Simpsons Club as he is set to be a character this season.

And other hockey-centric moments from the Simpsons

NHL logos that have been re-imagined by graphic artist @ak47_studios to include characters from the Simpson's (Instagram/ak47_studios)

It is television's longest-running scripted show, he is The Great One, and in December Wayne Gretzky and The Simpsons will be coming together to put a smile on the face of any hockey-loving Simpsons fan. 

Do you remember these other times our national winter pastime made it into Simpsons prime time? 

Lisa 'hack the bone' Simpson

It seems wrong not to start with the family's on-ice expert, Lisa. In this episode she does her best Ron Hextall impression.

A measly nine years later and the family hockey lover is at it again. With experience in the crease, Lisa is the perfect person to lend a helping hand.

Of course, one of the more memorable episodes featured Wayne Gretzky's hockey hero, the late Gordie Howe.

Springfield better change its attitude about hockey, and quickly, before  No. 99 skates into town.

Don't worry Lisa, we know you liked it. That Canadian citizenship is waiting for you.

Wonder if Gretzky has been counting up his trophies all these years so he can set the record straight.


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