Twitter does what Twitter does in wake of Peter Chiarelli's exit from Oilers

NHL fans took to twitter today to air their grievances after reports broke that the Edmonton Oilers fired their General Manager Peter Chiarelli. Here are some of the best tweets about one of the most chirped GMs in recent memory.

Some reaction to the firing of one of the most chirped GMs in recent memory

Peter Chiarelli was fired as GM of the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday. (Steve Mitchell/Reuters)

Peter Chiarelli faced his share of criticism on social media as his Edmonton Oilers continued to struggle.

But when the 54-year-old was fired as the team's general manager, the floodgates were unleashed.

Chiarelli's trade history was even compared to the moves of a struggling fantasy team owner. 

Even the Chiarelli parody accounts thought he might be able to keep his job for at least another day. 

Of course, the internet remains undefeated when it comes to finding the perfect GIF for any situation.

Fans couldn't help but criticize and over-analyze some of the unpopular moves Chiarelli made during his time in Edmonton. Especially the deal that flipped former No.1 pick Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson.

Not only did fans point out the fact that the Oilers essentially turned Jordan Eberle into nothing after putting Ryan Spooner on waivers, they also felt the need to point out a trade dating back 27 years. 

Even after all those costly trades, at least Chiarelli left them with one more quality signing as a parting gift.