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Sidney Crosby out again with concussion-like symptoms

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar centre Sidney Crosby says he will be out indefinitely after experiencing more concussion-like symptoms.

Return indefinite, superstar says

NHL star Sidney Crosby will be out of the game indefinitely after experiencing more concussion-like symptoms, CBC's Paul Hunter reports 3:36

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar centre Sidney Crosby told reporters on Monday that he will be out indefinitely after experiencing more concussion-like symptoms recently.

Crosby, who missed the last two games as precaution, was speaking shortly after the Penguins’ practice — one that he didn’t take part in.

Crosby said he'd had symptoms for the last couple of days. "If I didn't I would be practising."

"I've been doing light exertion stuff and seeing how that goes. It's that whole [recovery] routine again, but hopefully not as long. When I wasn't doing something for six, seven months that process was a little longer. Hopefully, that's not the case here.

"I'm not feeling bad," Crosby said according to tweets from Penguins website writer Sam Kasan. "Just have to be careful and make sure I'm 100 per cent before I return."

Crosby said he wasn’t feeling 100 per cent after taking a few hits during a 3-1 loss to the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins last week.

While he did pass a baseline concussion test, he won’t return unless he’s completely comfortable with his health status.

"The ImPACT [testing] isn't everything," he said. "You have to listen to your body on these things too. That was encouraging. My ImPACT was much, much worse after I did it in January. This is something I have to be careful with."

Crosby missed 41 games last season and seven playoff games following two concussions he suffered in early January. He was forced to miss the first 20 games this season while recovering from concussion symptoms.

He made a spectacular return on Nov. 21 against the New York Islanders, scoring two goals and two assists.