Penguins party like rock stars with Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby threw an epic pool party for Penguins organization after the team won the Stanley Cup.

Team throws championship trophy into the pool; city holds parade on Wednesday

The Pittsburgh Penguins celebrate Stanley Cup win with a pool party and let their championship trophy in on the fun. (@Kikkerlaika / Twitter)

If there's one pool party you want to attend this summer, it's a Sidney Crosby pool party.

The Penguins captain reportedly had most of the Pittsburgh organization over for a poolside get together after they were crowned Stanley Cup champions

Based on these faces, there's no doubt that Crosby's bash was a success. 

Lord Stanley's mug deserves to get in on the fun.

Fun fact: we now know the Cup floats. 

We've seen Mario Lemieux do some memorable things during his career. Let's add jumping into the pool with his shirt on to the list. 

It was a night to remember and the players weren't the only ones celebrating. 

Winger Chris Kunitz's wife, Maureen, found the perfect Cup to drink from. She's likely had some practice at that as hubbie has won four of them in his career.

Pittsburgh's boys of winter have brought the Cup back home and although we can't confirm whether the championship trophy is above water, we can confirm that Kris Letang and Crosby have shaved off their playoff beards. 

The party continues at the Pittsburgh Pirates game on Tuesday as Sid throws the first pitch with his teammates and the Cup standing close by. 

The Stanley Cup champs have one more party to look forward to as the city of Pittsburgh is throwing a parade for the team on Wednesday.