8 NHL players who deserve your 'follow'

With the newest NHL season underway, it's time to start curating your social media lists. Here are eight player accounts that won't disappoint.

These athletes are killing the social media game one beard pic at a time

San Jose defenceman Brent Burns tweets a selfie of him and his son Jagger before practice. (@Burnzie88/Twitter)

A new NHL season is officially underway and players are at the top of their game. 

The social media game, that is.

Here are eight accounts that deserve your follow:

1. Roberto Luongo

The Florida Panthers' goalie is the unofficial social media superstar. He hides under the alias "Strombone" and has, hands down, the sassiest, most well-crafted tweets in the league.

Luongo's thumbs create pure magic.

2. Alexander Ovechkin

The Russian captain of the Washington Capitals may be serious on the ice, but he certainly knows how to laugh at himself on off days. It makes for some hilarious posts like this one:

3. Logan Couture

Jimmy Fallon may think Logan Couture looks like a Croatian Tom Cruise, but Couture has a much better sense of humour than the actor. The NHL playoffs points leader of the San Jose Sharks even knows how to shake off disappointed fans.

His Twitter game is top notch and he's the king of ripping his teammates online...

... and he'll even love you back if you follow him.

4. Evgeni Malkin

​Winning the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins hasn't clouded Malkin's judgment. He doesn't tweet often, but he knows it's all about quality, not quantity. His rare tweets offer us some pure gold:

Who doesn't love Slap Shot?

5. Phil Kessel

​Speaking of subtle humour, Malkin's teammate also shows up when it counts. This tweet on its own is a big enough reason to follow Phil Kessel.

And if that's not enough, maybe a shot of him at the White House will impress you:

5. Claude Giroux

There's only one word needed to convince you to follow the Philadelphia Flyers' captain: puppies.

7. P.K. Subban

Even though P.K. Subban now plays for the Nashville Predators, he never forgets where he's from. His love for Canada is evident online and for that reason, he deserves your follow.

8. Brent Burns

If you like facial hair, you'll love Brent Burns's accounts. What he lacks in teeth he makes up for in beard, and you can never get enough beard.


Honourable mentions: young style

While Auston Matthews, William Nylander and Connor McDavid don't yet have luscious beards, sassy tweets or philanthropy, these youngsters have mastered the art of fashion. 

Who's your favourite athlete on social media? Let us know via @hockeynight


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