NHL expansion process moves to 2nd phase for Quebec, Las Vegas

The NHL expansion process will continue for Quebec and Las Vegas, as the only two cities that placed a bid have both been approved for the second phase.

Companies responsible for bids confirmed continuation

Work began on Quebec City's Videotron Centre in 2012, but applications were only approved in July, 2015. (Clement Allard/The Associated Press)

The NHL expansion process will continue for Quebec and Las Vegas. 

The only two cities that submitted successful bids prior to July's deadline have both been approved for the second phase. 

Quebecor, the company responsible for Quebec City's bid, confirmed that the NHL retained their candidacy through a tweet sent on Wednesday afternoon. 

Bill Foley, who heads the Las Vegas bid, provided more insight into the process in a statement posted online. 

"We are pleased to report that the NHL has invited us to participate in Phase II of the application process to secure an NHL team in Las Vegas," wrote Foley.

He went on to explain that during this process they will provide the league with additional information that will include details about the markets, as well as the arena plans. 

Quebec City's new publicly-funded arena, the Videotron Centre, is expected to be completed in September. While an arena is also under construction on the Las Vegas strip. 

As part of their applications, the two groups were required to submit a $10 million US down payment, $2 million of which was nonrefundable.

There are three phases involved prior to review and approval by the NHL's board of governors, but a new team is not likely to play until the 2017-18 season.